Proper Homeopathic Treatment In Early Stages Offers Incredible Recovery From Vitiligo

Ms. A.K. (PIN: 20976), who was three years five months of age, visited Life Force with her parents on 18th April 2013. She had developed milky white spots on her upper and lower lips from one month. She had experienced itching just once. When examined under the Wood’s lamp, it was confirmed that she was suffering from Vitiligo. 

These spots had developed on her body all of a sudden. There was no genetic history of vitiligo present. They had been to a local doctor and had applied tacrolimus 0.03% twice on the lips and had stopped using it from one week.

Besides this, she was suffering from frequent colds, for which she was on allopathic treatment on and off. Also, she was suffering from a urinary tract infection, for which she was given Cital and Norflox for a day.

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She was consuming both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, and she loved to eat sweets, fish, chicken, and curds. She did not feel thirsty at all and was consuming hardly half a liter of water in a day. She used to perspire profusely on the face, forehead, and back, and her perspiration had an offensive odor. She could not tolerate a hot climate.

She had satisfactory bowels and had no problems in passing urine. Her birth weight was three kilograms, and she had normal milestones. She would sleep very well but used to have frightful dreams and would wake up startled. She was affectionate and would mix with everybody. She was playful but very fearful, so much so that, even if anybody would knock at the door, she would be frightened.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he prescribed his patent molecules for vitiligo. 

On 30th April 2013, when the patient and her parents visited the Borivali branch of Life Force, she was much better. No new spots had appeared.

By December 2013, the spots were still present, but there was no development of new spots. And, the size of previous spots was reducing.

During the follow-up in April 2014, the mother of the patient mentioned that the spots were still present, but the patient’s relief from the frequent cold problem was much better. The frequency of cold had reduced to a great extent.

In December 2014, the mother of the patient said that the baby was better by 60%. The vitiligo spots of the baby were reducing in size, and there was no further spread of the disease. The frequency of cold and UTI had also reduced.

By October 2015, the spread of vitiligo was completely restricted. No new spots had appeared. Also, there was repigmentation in the existing spots, and her condition was better by 80%.

In December 2015, mother called up herself and told she was very happy with the treatment. The baby was doing fine and her immunity too had improved tremendously.

On 23rd June 2016, the mother of the patient said that Ms. A.K. was better by 85%. Overall, the baby was doing fine.
By 28th July 2017, she was further better with a marked improvement, and repigmentation was observed in the spots.

In March 2018, the mother of the patient gave the follow-up saying that there was no hypopigmentation or white spots at all. She was doing absolutely fine. The frequent colds were totally cured, there was no UTI.

Ms. A.K. is still under our treatment to prevent the development of new spots. Ms. A. K.’s parents are more than happy with the homeopathic treatment. Although the treatment had taken time, there was no spread of the spots and the patient steadily kept improving.

This case illustrates that the patience and proper homeopathic treatment can work wonders in curing the cases of Vitiligo to a great extent and safely without any side-effects.

Written by Dr. Chetali, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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