Outstanding Recovery From Rapidly Increasing Alopecia Areata Achieved With Homeopathy

A 21-years-old female, Mrs. U. P. (PIN: 8259) reported to the clinic with a complaint of alopecia on the scalp (vertex) that she was suffering since a month. The patch had rapidly increased to the size of about 2 inches x 2 inches within a span of 1 month. She was also losing about 100 hair daily. She was not on any kind of medication for her alopecia.

She had a poor appetite, but her weight was average for her height and build. She was fond of sweets, sour and spicy foods, cold drinks, and ice-creams. She would sweat profusely all over the body, but more on the palms and the soles. She was sensitive to the cold climate in general. There were no complaints pertaining to her menstrual cycles. Her sleep was sound, but occasionally she would get a disturbed sleep.

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She was a housewife and stayed with her husband and in-laws. She denied having any kind of stress and had a jovial nature. She was sensitive to being reprimanded. She would weep when she was scolded and would get offended very easily. Consolation would make her feel much better. She would not get much angry. She was afraid of cats and dogs. She would like to be in the company of people and would not be able to stay alone if required.
She did not have any major illnesses in the past. Her mother was hypertensive, and her grandfather had ischemic heart disease. Her grandmother had passed away due to the brain cancer. Apart from that, there was no other ailments in her family.

Based on the above case history, she was prescribed constitutional homeopathic treatment for her alopecia areata. 

Within 6 weeks after starting the homeopathic medication, her alopecia was about 50% better than before. Her medicines were continued.

After another 3 months of the homeopathic treatment, there was a significant regrowth of hair on her alopecia patches. Her treatment was continued for another 6 weeks, after which the treatment was concluded. She was asked to report to us in case she developed any problem in future.


This case demonstrates that conditions like alopecia areata respond very well to the homeopathic treatment and that too without the use of any kind of external application of oils, shampoos, and other external applications, which are nothing but temporary measures.

Remark: The remedy prescribed in these cases is patient-specific i.e. it has been prescribed based on the symptoms specific to the patient at that point of time. It is advisable that the patient should not indulge in any self-medication.

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