Outstanding Recovery From Lichen Planus Obtained By Homeopathic Medicines At Life Force

A 54-years-old gentleman, Mr. T.S.(PIN 13235) reported to the Life Force center on 23rd January 2010 for the treatment of chronic Lichen Planus. He was suffering from Lichen Planus from the last 20 years. He had several relapses in the past. He would use steroid tablets to treat the relapses. The prolonged use of steroids had taken a toll on his health. He had gained weight, he had experienced an increase in the blood pressure, and his blood sugar was on the borderline. 

His dermatologist had stopped giving him oral steroids because of borderline diabetes and the local steroid creams were not working. He was given anti-histamines, but they were also not effective.

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When he visited our center, he had several active lesions on legs, thighs, waist, hands, and the genitals. He was experiencing severe itching and scratching which led to bleeding. He used to get some relief in itching after applying ice or cold water. His itching was more in the summer, in the heat, and in periods of stress. Besides Lichen Planus, he also suffered from chronic acidity. His acidity was more severe when he would take any steroids. 

He was a non-vegetarian by diet. When he used to take a steroid, his appetite used to get increased, otherwise, his appetite was normal. He liked sweets a lot. He did not like spicy food. His perspiration, sleep, and bowel movements were normal. Sometimes, due to itching, his sleep used to get disturbed. He was a chilly patient. He was obese by built. 

The patient was a chief officer working in a central government institute. 
He stayed with his wife. He had two children, and both were highly educated and well-placed. 

The patient had suffered a lot of difficulties in his childhood. He had to face a lot of hardship due to poverty, strained relations between his parents, and the responsibility of younger siblings. He had experienced neglected behavior from his parents. 

He was a cool and composed person. He was responsible and working for long hours. He was sensitive to the cold. He couldn’t tolerate the winter. 

Dr. Shah examined him and prescribed the research-based molecule. 

On 5th March 2010, he gave his first follow-up. He informed that initially, after starting the treatment, his condition was aggravated, but, later, he experienced some improvement. His itching was mainly experienced in the night. As per his feedback, Dr. Shah sir changed the prescription.

On his next follow-up on 2nd December 2010, he reported a good improvement in his condition. His itching was totally recovered. His skin became soft.

In 2011, due to his good condition, the patient stopped taking the medicine. But, in March 2012, his disease relapsed so he restarted his treatment. His itching had increased. The itching was mainly increased in the sunlight and heat. 

On 25th May 2012, he reported that his itching was 90% improved. He was much comfortable to go outside in the Sun.

He stopped the medicine because his health was in good condition. After one year, some new dull spots appeared on his body so he again restarted the treatment. 
On 14th March 2014, he informed that his condition was showing a positive result with homeopathic medicine. His eruptions had started to diminish. 

On 15th February 2015, when he gave his feedback, some improvement was reported by him. His itching had totally subsided. 

On 19th April, he reported a good improvement in his condition. No new spots had appeared & old spots had improved. Gradually, he obtained a good relief from his Lichen Planus. 

On 25th January 2017, he informed that his condition was totally recovered. The lesions had healed completely and no new spots had developed. Only hyper-pigmented spots were remaining.  

On 28th August 2017, he reported the same condition. No new eruptions were present. The previous spots had also become dull. 

On 3rd June 2018, when he gave his follow-up, he was totally recovered. Only dull, inactive spots were remaining. The patient was satisfied with the treatment. 


In this case, we have seen that very good results were obtained within a few months with the homeopathic treatment. Lichen planus is an autoimmune disorder. Sometimes, due to many causative factors, the condition can be relapsed but the right homeopathic medicine has the power to recover it.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (HOM)

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