Oral lichen planus soreness and severe burning sensation treated by Dr.Shah

Forty-eight years old Mrs. R. S. (Patient Identifications Number-10566) visited our clinic on 8th April 2008. She was suffering from oral Lichen Planus since two years. She experienced soreness and severe burning sensation while eating. She could not tolerate spicy food at all. Her tongue, palate and bilateral inner cheeks were involved. Two years prior she had few lesions on her skin for which she had used cortisone, after which her skin lesions recovered and oral lichen planus started.

She also complained of pain in both the knee joints, since two years. She was suffering from osteoarthritis. She experienced difficulty while descending stairs and on walking after resting.

She had also many other complaints like a calcaneal spur, constipation, and high blood pressure. She complained of cervical spondylosis since five years. She complained of pain and stiffness in the neck. Her complaint of constipation was for one month. She had difficulty passing stool daily.

She was a vegetarian and she liked eating salty and sweet food. She preferred cold weather. There were no complaints, of sleep, thirst, urine.

She was short-tempered and sensitive by nature. She was anxious for her family members health.

In past, she had suffered from jaundice in 1989.

Her father was suffering from lung cancer and mother was suffering from osteoporosis.

Dr. Shah prescribed her research-based medication after studying her case in detail.

She reported on 29th May 2008. She was mildly better in oral lichen planus. Constipation, pain in neck and knee joint pain were same.

She reported on 29th July 2008.She had further mild improvement in oral lichen planus. Her rests of the complaints were the same.

She reported on 6th August 2008. Her complaints had increased. She had started experiencing soreness and burning sensation while eating. Dr. Shah made necessary changes in her prescription.

She reported on 21st November 2008. She reported around 75% improvement in her complaint of oral Lichen Planus. She had considerable improvement in her knee pain. Her constipation was relieved considerably.

She reported on 26th February 2009.She had a good recovery in all her complaints. Her complaints of oral lichen planus and joint pain had gradual improvement. Her complaints of the stiffness of neck and constipation had a good result with the treatment but they used to recur on and off.

The patient continued the medicine for few months. On 8th March 2014, her relatives visited our clinic to start their own treatment and were glad to report that she had recovered completely.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 10th April 2014.

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