Noteworthy Improvement In The Health Of Aplastic Anemia Patient With Homeopathy

Aplastic anemia is a condition that occurs when your body stops producing enough new blood cells. This happens as a result of bone marrow damage. The condition leaves you fatigued and makes you prone to infections and uncontrolled bleeding.

Causes of Aplastic Anemia:

Numerous conditions can damage your bone marrow. The following factors can result in bone damage. 

?Radiation and chemotherapy treatments. 
?Exposure to toxic chemicals. 
?Use of certain drugs. 
?Autoimmune disorders. 
?A viral infection. 
?Unknown factors. 
?Genetic (Rare cause)
?Anorexia nervosa

Symptoms of Aplastic Anemia:

Symptoms may develop slowly or suddenly. 

 The following are the symptoms of Aplastic anemia 
?Excessive fatigue
?Sensitivity to the cold temperatures
?Rapid heart rate
?Shortness of breath
?Frequent infections
?Nose bleeds
?Bleeding in the gums
?Easily bruising of the skins 
?Rash with small pinpoints
?Prolonged bleeding from the skin cuts 
Complications Due to Aplastic Anemia:
Other complications resulting due to aplastic anemia include 
?Severe infections or bleeding
?Myelodysplastic syndromes
?Complications of a bone marrow transplant.
?Reactions to medicines.

?Hemochromatosis (buildup of a lot of iron in the body tissues from many red cell transfusions)

Diagnosis of Aplastic Anemia:

Aplastic anemia can be diagnosed by:

?CBC (Complete blood count)

?Bone marrow biopsy

Fortunately, you have homeopathy to treat the condition effectively. Let’s have a look at an aplastic anemia case that was treated with homeopathy outstandingly.

A 15-year-old young girl (PIN: 40131) approached Life Force Homeopathy on 13th May 2019 for the treatment of her Aplastic anemia, which she was suffering from way back since January 2012. 

Treatment History:

The patient had done did ATG treatment with cyclosporine in 2012 from CMC hospital, Vellore. The treatment continued for 6 months. Later, she stopped ATG treatment and started with Siddha and naturopathy treatment.
Her condition was stable and was showing improvement so much so that at one stage she stopped blood transfusion for 2 years. Hemoglobin was maintained around 6gm/dl, platelet count around 120000, and WBC around 2500. 
But, in 2018, after her menarche (first menses), the patient again had to undergo a blood transfusion every 3 months.

The patient’s family had a lot of hope in Dr. Shah and approached him so that they could postpone Bone Marrow Transplant. 

Presenting symptoms of the patient:
The signs and symptoms that the patient presented were reduced immunity, extreme weakness, and anemia. She had to undergo a blood transfusion every month. Her condition used to get triggered when she used to suffer from a fever or cold. Whenever her blood count used to drop, her appetite used to reduce and she had to face severe breathing problems. 

Her history of illness was asked in detail. She had no other specific ailments in her past for which she had to undergo treatment or got admitted to the hospital other than Aplastic anemia. Also, her family history of illness was asked. Her grandfather had heart complaints. 

The patient’s current treatment details were also documented for future reference. The patient was taking: 

1.Tab Prednisolone 20mg TDS
1.T. Pan 20mg BD
2.T. Envas 5 mg BD
3.T. Folic acid 5 mg OD
4.T. Levipil 500mg BD

The case taking was done in detail and her physical and mental generals were asked.

The patient was a non-vegetarian and had an average appetite. But, whenever her hemoglobin used to drop below 5gm/dl, her appetite would get reduced. The patient’s thirst was average and she drank 1.5-2 liters of water daily. She couldn’t tolerate extremes of climate. She experienced average perspiration. Her motion was satisfactory, and she had no urinary symptoms. The patient enjoyed a sound sleep and she often used to get repeated dreams about snakes. Her menstrual cycle was regular with normal bleeding. 

The patient had stopped going to school after the 10th and continued her studies from home. She was the only daughter of her parents. A little bit of her psychology was also asked. She was a very short-tempered girl. Most often, she would get angry when she was not given the things that she demanded. At times, when she would turn angry, she threw things that she had in her hands. 

Dr. Shah analyzed the entire case and prescribed medicine to the patient. The patient was also provided with the general diet chart and links and videos related to her disease complaint. 


The first follow-up of the patient was done in July 2019. Not much improvement was observed. The patient was still on steroids, and she had to undergo a blood transfusion every month. 

In the further follow-ups as well, the patient was not showing much progress in her condition. She was on steroids and was undergoing a blood transfusion every month.

By September, the patient showed a slight improvement in relief in her symptoms. Her relief in weakness was better but she had to go for a blood transfusion every month.

By November, she was further better and needed a blood transfusion once in two months instead of every month.

The patient didn’t have to undergo a bone marrow transplant to date. Under the treatment of Dr. Shah at Life Force, the patient’s family is happy that her condition is stable. The patient is continuing her treatment.


This case illustrates that homeopathy helps in stimulating bone marrow cell production. Homeopathy also helps in improving the immunity of the patient and prevents any further complications in the disease condition, such as aplastic anemia. Homeopathy can control bleeding tendency associated with aplastic anemia. Homeopathic medicines are safe, cause no side effects, and can also help in reducing the side effects of conventional treatment, that the patient may be following. 

-Written by Dr. Poornima P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah


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