Nine years aged girl Miss R.A.A., She was suffering from Lichen Planus since the last two months

Nine years aged girl Miss R.A.A. [PIN 12421] reported to the center for the treatment of Lichen Planus. She was suffering from LP since the last two months, however it was very sudden and intense and widely spread all over her body, in a short span. When she came for consultation, she had eruptions all over her body except the face. The lesions were intensely itchy and inflamed. She had been prescribed local cortisone and her dermatologist was contemplating on starting her with oral steroids.

lichen planus hands

Her case details were collected from her parents. She was a very good looking and cute girl, she was fair and delicate. She was mixing, jovial, inquisitive and had normal sibling rivalry with her brother, nothing unusual or out of the blue.

She had no stress in her life, had good relations with her parents and her mother was a homemaker. She was well attended and cared. She had a family history of underactive thyroid. She was more sensitive to colds and winter. She had a craving for sweets, spicy food and junk food. She had a craving for fish and non-vegetarian food. She was fearsome by nature.

lichen planus legs

Dr Rajesh Shah examined her and prescribed Phosphorus 30 C and Thuja occedentalis 200c along with Dr Shah’s research based medicine, as per her symptoms. He asked her parents to defer from any sort of oral steroids. They were guided to gradually taper off the local cortisone creams.

She showed very good improvement in four months, there was a reduction in the inflammation, the itching had subsided and the lesions were drying up. In eight months, the existing lesions had begun to flatten and blend with the skin. Gradually there was complete healing and the focus shifted; on reducing the hyper pigmentation, and prevent recurrences. By two years, she was completely free from this illness.

The most striking features in her case were her age and no obvious case for the development of her Lichen Planus. However Homeopathy came for her rescue and we were able to save her from cortisone and this dreaded disease. Case study prepared by Dr. AP uploaded on 03 rd Dec 2011

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