My white spots completely recovered and never recurred. Sincere thanks to Dr. Rajesh Shah. Life Force exceeds expectations.

Dr. J. S. P., a doctorate in computer science visited Life Force on 18th October 2002. Her registered patient identification number is 4979. She was accompanied by her husband. She had searched the internet for the treatment of Vitiligo. She had been taking conventional medicines since a year for white spots but was not satisfied with the results. On the internet she found Dr. Shah and his website seemed interesting and resourceful. She then decided to travel from Ahmadabad to Mumbai to personally meet Dr. Shah and start the treatment.

She was a 39 years old mild and sober lady. She was a lecturer of computer science in a Gujarat state university. She had been married for few years but was not able to conceive. She had taken many conventional hormonal treatments for this but there was no result. She developed white spots on her face and abdomen a year ago due to excessive usage of the hormonal medications. The spots were gradually increasing. She had come with good faith of getting this treated at Life Force.

She liked spicy and sweets. She would perspire profusely. She was tolerant to both the extremes of temperature. Her bowels were satisfactory.

Her husband was a textile mill owner and her father in law was also in the same business. Her mother in law was a home maker.

She had sadness and depression due to being childless. She wept while narrating this during case taking.

She had suffered from Malaria in the past.

Her father was suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.

She was counseled by Dr. Shah and prescribed Natrum Muriaticum 200c along with research based medicine for 2 months.

She reported through phone on 19th December with no change in the spots. The positive sign was the spread had stopped. The disease had become inactive. The spots neither increased nor decreased. She was given upgraded prescription for 2 months.

She called up on 24th February for the next batch of medicines. She had seen definite changes in the spots on her face and was happy. 2 months medicines were sent based on her feedback.

She reported on 29th April with slow but steady improvement in the spots. Her prescription was upgraded to Natrum Muriaticum 1m by Dr. Shah.

She reported on 26th June with around 50% improvement in all the spots. The spots on the face and abdomen were recovering gradually.

After a year’s treatment she reported through phone on 28th October with around 80% improvement in all the spots. The spot on the face has almost recovered. The spot on the abdomen were also recovering. She was given medicines for 2 months.

She reported on 13th July 2013 with some other complaints.

She was glad to report complete cure in her Vitiligo spots with those medicines and it never recurred again.

Uploaded on 23rd December 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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