“My son’s Asthma is well under control”

3 years old A. A. C. visited our clinic with his mother on 26th March 2012. His Patient Identification Number is 18679. He was suffering from Asthmatic Bronchitis since birth. It would be 5 – 6 times a year with severe intensity. He would get dry cough with breathlessness and wheezing. The recent episode had occurred 3 days back and was treated with steroids and bronchodilator inhalers and nebulization. Her mother was also suffering from asthma and had started the treatment simultaneously. His appetite was reduced. It would increase in cold climate, cold juices and dust. His father was working in Canada as an IT consultant. As the cold weather did not suit him they had moved to India for temporary relief in his symptoms.

He craved cold juices. He was sensitive to warm climate.

His milestones were on time and he had been vaccinated till date.

He was studying in nursery. His elder sister was studying in senior kindergarten. Her mother was a home maker. They stayed in a nuclear family while the father was away.

He was obstinate and aggressive child. He would throw things or shout loudly in anger. He was restless and active. His grasping was good but the speech was delayed.

His mother suffered from Asthma. His paternal grandmother had expired due to blood cancer. The maternal grandmother was suffering from high blood pressure.

His case was studied in detail and was prescribed few research based medicines by Dr. Shah.

He reported on 15th May with significant relief in his asthmatic bronchitis. He did not require any bronchodilator in last 6 weeks. There was no wheeze or cough. He had started with some skin eruptions on both hands. His prescription was upgraded after a detailed case analysis by Dr. Shah.

His mother reported on 21st July with further improvement in his asthmatic bronchitis. The skin eruptions were considerably better. He was prescribed Silica 30c 2 doses along with the research based medicines.

On 21st September he reported with mild increase in wheezing and coughs since last 1 month. The triggering factor would have been the change of weather. The boils on the legs and hand had improved further. He was prescribed Silica 200c 2 doses along with the research based medicines by Dr. Shah.

On 31st October his mother reported with not much change in his cough and wheeze. The skin boils were also stable. His case was reviewed and prescribed Medorrhinum 200c 2 doses and research based medicine by Dr. Shah.

On 17th December his mother reported with overall 60% improvement in his wheeze and cough. The skin complaints were also improving.

His mother reported on 1st February with further improvement in his wheeze and cough. He would occasionally get cold and cough. The skin eruptions also improved to around 50%. His case was studied in detail and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

He visited on 21st March to report around 80% improvement in his cough and wheeze. He had required steroid inhaler and nebulization only 1- 2 times in last 1 year. His skin complaints were completely recovered.

He has been advised to continue the treatment to get complete recovery in his complaints.

Uploaded on 4th April 2013 by Dr. M. N. P

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