My recurrent Tonsilitis got effectively treated with homeopathy and I never required antibiotics.

28 years male, Mr. K.K.C. (Patient Identification Number:12931) from Navi Mumbai visited Life Force clinic on 29th November 2009 for his complaints of recurrent Tonsillitis.

He was suffering with recurrent attacks of tonsillitis since last 4 months. He would get severe episode of tonsillitis every month and each episode would last for 12-15 days. His complaints would start with throat pain and dryness of throat especially in the morning. He would get sensation as if something is stuck in the throat. There was dry cough with throat irritation. His complaints would get worse by empty swallowing, in warm weather, after eating and early morning. He would get temporary relief by drinking warm water.

Each time he had to take antibiotics prescribed by his local doctor. It was giving him temporary relief but again he would get another attack of tonsillitis with same intensity. He wanted to get rid of this vicious cycle of tonsillitis and antibiotics and wanted some permanent relief. He was aware of the homeopathic treatment at Life Force, as one of his friends had taken treatment by Dr. Rajesh Shah and showed good improvement.

He had family history of Asthma, Bronchitis and Atopic Dermatitis.

He was having average appetite. He was very fond of chocolates and tea. He would not like fried food. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. Perspiration was more on chest. He was more tolerant to warm weather. Sleep was sound.

Mr. K.K.C was an engineer working in private company. He was very anxious and particular about his work. He would get constant thoughts about work. He was duty conscious. He would like to finish his work on time. He would not easily share his emotions with others. He was emotionally sensitive. He would like to analyze the situation and then react.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah. On examination, both tonsils were swollen and red. He was prescribed constitutional medicine along with research based homeopathic medicine.

He submitted his first feedback on 6th January 2010. He had two episodes of tonsillitis in last 2 months. Intensity of throat pain, irritation and cough was better by 20-30%. Duration of the complaints was reduced to 8-10 days. On examination, tonsils were swollen, redness was reduced. His feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

On 20th March 2010, he reported further improvement. He did not have episode of tonsillitis in last 2 months. Mild dry cough was there.

On 29th May 2010 he submitted progress report. He had tonsillitis once in last 4 months. Intensity of the complaints was reduced by 60-70%. He had not taken antibiotics in last 4-5 months. Duration of his complaints was further reduced to 5-6 days. On examination, swelling of the tonsils was reduced by 70-80%.

By 24th August 2010, he was completely recovered from his tonsillitis. He did not have any episode of tonsillitis in last 4-5 months. He would get mild dry cough on change of weather. Throat pain and irritation was completely reduced. He was happy to get rid of his recurrent Tonsillitis.

He is now continuing treatment for other skin complaints with regular follow up but the in last 2 years he did not had any episode of tonsillitis, there were minor cough and cold complaints which were self limiting.

Uploaded on 28th August 2013 by Dr. K. W.

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