My pigmentation started fading with the first course of medicine and my happiness knew no bounds..

A 25 yrs old girl Miss. S. J.(PIN no. 10642) came to Life Force Homeopathy to seek treatment for her long standing Lichen Planus Pigmentosa. She was suffering with extensive pigmentation since 8 yrs. It was most marked on the face, neck, arms, legs, with affections on almost the whole of her body.

extensive  lichen planus pigmentosa on back side of legs

She had hyper pigmentation with minimal itching. She had used topical steroids for 2 yrs with little relief of her complaints.

She is a vegetarian person, with average thirst and appetite. She had desire for sour food. Her bowel habits, perspiration and urine activity was normal. She had regular but scanty menses. She was intolerant to hot weather.

She came from the poor family from very remote village in Maharashtra. She stayed with her mother and brothers. She had lost her father few years back due to ill health. Her life remained in lots of stress due to financial crisis.

The LPP had made her extremely nervous and low in self esteem. Her mother thought is going to be extremely difficult for her to be married.

extensive  lichen planus pigmentosa on back side of legs

They visited Life force center with a lot of hope.

Dr Shah examined the patient and studied her case in great detail.

The research based medicines for LPP were prescribed to her.

To her surprise in 6 weeks she noticed substantial difference in the pigmentation.

It had faded by 25%.

In 4 months the LPP showed remarkable improvement. The hyperpigmentation was reduced by 50%. There was significant changes most marked on the face, neck and forearms.

With continued treatment, the pigmentation on face decreased by 75%. In 8 months, there was normal skin regained on the face and neck.

Her happiness knew no bounds. Her mother was overwhelmed with happiness and Dr SHAH was not less than a God for them, in this way.

She is continuing with the treatment further and is under Dr Shah's care.

Lichen Planus Pigmentosa

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