My oral and skin Lichen Planus was cured by availing online medications of Dr. Shah.

Mr. I. S., a resident of Durban, South Africa visited Life Force center on 25th May 2011 to personally meet Dr. Shah and start the treatment for his skin complaints. He was 41 years old lean thin gentleman. He was suffering from oral and skin lichen planus since past 1 year. It had recovered completely by taking steroid and cyclosporine treatment for few months. But it had relapsed upon stopping those medications. He was now having lichen planus on his legs, hands, back, abdomen and mouth, since the past 5 months.

He was also suffering from Vitiligo since 2007. The affected areas were elbow, knees, ankle, and lips. The spots were bilaterally symmetrical. They were gradually spreading. He had stopped taking phototherapy and was applying Diprosone (cortisone cream) and Protopic ointment since February. His mother had vitiligo and underactive thyroid.

His appetite was average and liked all types of food. He was sensitive to warm temperature. His bowels were not satisfactory. He had developed complete baldness.

He was an occupational safety consultant. His wife was a medical technologist working at HIV research center. His son was 13 years old and his daughter was 8 years old. His father had expired in 2008. His mother stayed nearby.

He had an apprehensive personality. He had many worries related to work and family. He was dealing with people’s finances so there was workload. His wife, on the other hand, was more strong-minded and could deal well with work pressure.

His father suffered from diabetes. His mother also had high blood pressure and heart disease.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and was prescribed few research-based medicines.

After 8 months of medication, he reported on 19th December with overall 70% improvement in his Lichen Planus. There was the mild spread of Lichen Planus for the initial few weeks on the arms. After a while, it gradually stopped spreading and started healing. There was a remarkable improvement in his Vitiligo also.

He visited on 4th July 2013 to continue his treatment for Vitiligo which had healed by 50% with the medicines. His Lichen Planus had completely cured within a year of taking the medicines.

uploaded on 30th July 2013, by Dr. M. N. P.

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