My nail lichen planus began improving within 4 months of the treatment...

NP a 66 year old lady from Brazil ( PIN- 16094) opted for the online treatment.

lichen planus on left hand

She had lichen planus of the nails since 3 months. Almost 70% of all her finger nails were affected with lichen planus. The nails had peeled off till the middle. She was applying Clob-x cream (clobetasol propionate-steroid) twice a day on the nails.

lichen_planus on right thumb

She had an average appetite, thirst, perspiration. Her bowel movements were normal. She was more tolerant to cold.

She described herself as anxious by nature. She would get angry when she had to do anything that did not please her. She tried to control her anxiety and anger, when unable to do so, she would speak rudely to others. She would try and resolve the problems at the earliest, but would often be unsuccessful at it and then would get angry.

lichen planus on right hand

Dr Shah prescribed research based homeopathy medicines for the nail lichen planus.

Within 6 months NP reported her nails to be better by 40%. She experienced improvement in her general health as well. She was asked to stop with the steroidal application. The treatment was continued further.

In next 4 months her nail lichen planus improved by another 20%. She sent us the photos by email. The nails had improved remarkably. They were found to be better by 70%.

She is continuing with the treatment further untill complete recovery.

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