My life had become dull, I had lost all hopes, now I have started enjoying my life again.

44 years old female, Mrs. R. T. (Patient Identification Number: 16194) suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia visited Life Force Center on 7th June 2011.

She was suffering from unbearable pain for the past 17 – 18 years. The pain was mainly in her right side of the tongue which was throbbing and pricking type. The pain would inconsistently occur and last for around 10 days. According to the patient, it had started after the extraction of her wisdom tooth.

The pain was unbearable and made her daily life miserable. It would increase while eating, with change of weather, stress or due to cold weather. She was taking Tegretol 200 mg twice daily since last 17 years.

Now the effect of these strong medicines have also reduced, making it more diificult for her to perform daily chores. Her MRI brain was reported normal.

Her menopause was approaching and there was heavy bleeding. Due to which she felt weak and tired. She also had mild osteoporosis in her knee joint.

Patient had normal appetite with craving for sweets. She had no complaints with her bowel movements and urine. She had decreased thirst. She was sensitive to hot temperature. The sleep was disturbed due to the nerve pain.

Patient was staying in a joint family. She was working in a bank. Her husband was a government employee. She had a 12 year old son.

She was very mild and affectionate in nature. She was attached with her family and always took up the family responsibilities and fulfilled them at her best. She was submissive and soft spoken. She was anxious about her health and the pain which was disturbing her routine life.

She had a past history of recurrent tonsillitis till the age of 18 years. Her father was a heart patient.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and was prescribed Sulphur 1M along with Dr. Shah's research based medicines.

After 4 months (15.9.11), there was slight improvement in her pain. She was able to reduce her dose of Tegretol from 200mg to 100mg. Her case was reviewed and prescription was upgraded by
Dr. Shah.

After another 3 months (15.11.11), there was significant improvement in her pain. Her sleep has also improved. The intensity and frequency of pain had reduced. Now her conventional medicines were taken as and when required on severe pain.

There was remarkable improvement observed in frequency, intensity and duration of the episodes of pain. She was very happy with the results of homoeopathic medicines as it gave her relief from the unbearable nerve pain which was not better with vigorous use of conventional medicines as well.

She was overwhelmed with the results of the treatment and in her testimonial she had thanked Dr. Shah and his team and said this treatment has made her life much more comfortable and easy. In her past she had lost all hopes of getting rid of this pain but now she is living a new pain free life.

Patient has been continuing the treatment for her other complaints of menopause.

(Uploaded on 1st Nov 2012 by Dr. KSW)

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