My Lichen Planus is completely cured, now I am continuing the treatment for the post lichen planus hyper-pigmentation.

31 years old, Miss S. S. W., visited our Borivali clinic on 12th June 2011 for her complaints of Lichen Planus. Her Patient Identification Number is 16231. The complaints had started 2 years ago, due to stress regarding her marital prospects. She had to face rejection due to some personal reasons. She had taken allopathic treatment for a year from November 2009 to September 2010. She was asymptomatic till April 2011. At present it had started to spread rapidly. There were small active lesions on the upper and lower limbs and waist. The itching would increase due to sweating. She had restarted taking steroids since past 3 weeks. She found about Dr. Shah through internet and decided to avail his treatment.

She had a history of PCOD which was cured with ayurvedic medicines. She was overweight since childhood, but could loose weight easily through gym and diet.
Her appetite was average. She liked spicy, sweets and chocolates. Her thirst was average. She would perspire profusely. She was intolerant to warm weather. There were no complaints in sleep, bowels.

She was an insurance manager in a musical website company. Her father had a business of jute products. Her mother was a home maker. Her younger brother was in service. She stayed in a nuclear family.

She was reserved and friendly. She would share all her tensions with her mother. There was no work stress. She enjoyed working in that company. She had faced a major setback in her personal life due to which she was disturbed.
Her paternal grand mother was suffering from high blood pressure and maternal grand mother was suffering from diabetes.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and she was prescribed few research based medicines. She was explained regarding the mild resurfacing anticipated due to recent steroid intake.

She reported on 18th August with mild increase in her Lichen Planus. New spots had appeared and old spots same. The itching was unbearable and scratching would cause bleeding. Her case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded.
She reported on 2nd November with considerable relief in the old spots, which had now dried up and flattened. The new spots were still itchy.

The appearance of new spots had reduced. There were small hypertrophic lesions on the abdomen, waist and legs. The itching would be severe in the morning after bathing. She was advised to apply moisturizing creams to these spots.

She reported on 7th February with further improvement in her Lichen Planus. The spread had stopped. There were no new spots in last 6 weeks. The itching was nil, only occasionally it would itch. There were more of hyperpigmented healed spots, no active LP.

She reported on 4th April with around 100% recovery in her Lichen Planus. There was not even a single active spot. All the spots were healed and hyperpigmented. There was no itching. The marks were fading off very slowly.
She took medicines for another 6 months as maintenance for complete cure in Lichen Planus. The hyperpigmented marks were gradually fading away.

Uploaded on 25th June 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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