My hypothyroidism was cured within 4 months of homeopathy treatment..

A 28 years married young lady Mrs. N.S. (PIN 13108) reported to the center for severe hair loss after pregnancy. She was loosing around 300-400 strands of hair per day. She said that when ever she combed hair, she experienced hair falling.

Though post-pregnancy is a common period for hair falling Dr. Shah examined her and advised for a Thyroid Function blood test.
She was detected as under active thyroid.
Her blood test report dated 30 th December 09 showed
TSH: 9.31, FT3: 3.01 and FT4: 3.01

She also complained of frequent colds. She would get nose block, running nose, at least once a day lasting for one to two days, accompanied with bouts of sneezing.
She had complaint of colds since the last two years. “ever since I got married, I am facing the problem of colds" patient commented.

She also complained of severe pain in her right arm.

Her case was studied in detail.

She was intolerant to cold weather.
She had a craving for salty, spicy and sour food.
She was lean, fair, and had a smiling face. She was talkative.

She stayed with her husband and son and father in law and mother in law.
She is very cozy with her husband. They are from a middle class, conservative Muslim family.
They have certain traditions, where the daughter in law could not speak loudly, could not laugh loudly.

Patient is basically from Mumbai, and so she is not accustomed to these customs.
She faced cultural differences after marriage

She was a much pampered girl, and suddenly after marriage, she had to face several restrictions and criticism.

Her mother in law and sister in law would criticize her, and quarrel with her.

She was rather immature and childish and she would also argue and speak back.
This would lead to escalation in the quarrels.

Her husband was a software engineer, he was very mature and understood her childishness, and he would laugh it over.
His parents expected him to be stern with her, but he was quiet liberal.
Then her mother in law would comment that patient has seized there son.

Then patient would feel very bad, she would blame herself for the tension in the house and feel guilty
She would feel that she should leave the house as she is responsible for the disharmony.

She was an irritable and short tempered lady.
She was sensitive and sentimental
She also had a reduced appetite and sleep.

Her father was suffering from diabetes.

Dr Shah again studied her case details and prescribed Sepia 200 C.

In two months of treatment, her pain in the right hand stopped. there was some improvement in the colds. But there was no change in the hair falling, for which she was very anxious.

She was explained that hair falling requires some time.

In her next follow up she reported good improvement in her colds, hair falling and appetite.
She did not have many symptoms of underactive thyroid,
The test was done on the basis of suspicion and experience.

But since her hair falling and colds were better, it was assumed that the thyroid gland is also functioning normally now.
She did look fresh and energetic.
Within 4 months there was very good recovery in her hair falling and frequent colds. She no longer got any cold attacks, sneezing has completely stopped.
Her hair falling had stopped completely.

She was advised to repeat her blood test for thyroid functioning.

The report done on 29 th April 2010, showed that her TSH levels were absolutely normal.

FT3: 3.14, FT4: 0.99 and TSH: 3.82.

In a span of 4 months, just with homeopathic medicines she was cured of hypothyroidism.

If underactive thyroid is treated in the early stage with homeopathy, it is completely curable, and one does not require taking thyroid supplements for life.

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