My Hepatitis C is under good control without any side effects on my body. Homeopathy has realy helped me a lot.

Mrs RS (PIN 10315), a 58 years old housewife from Andheri, Mumbai reported online in January 2008. She was a known case of Hepatitis C. She also had associated complaints of piles and backache.

She was diagnosed of being Hepatitis c positive in 2007. She took allopathic medicines without any response. Rather her general condition and piles deteriorated with the side effects of high doses of allopathic medicines. She started having digestion problems, weakness after allopathic medicines. Her viral count was more than seventeen lakhs (1785714). It was increasing with a rapid pace. On sonography her liver condition was noted to be fine.

Her husband filled up the questionaire online and entered the details on her behalf. She was a jovial lady, with always a smile on face. She would hardly get stressed up on small matters. She was a straightforward, down to earth lady and had positive approach towards life. She used to share all her inner emotions freely with friends and family. She always liked to enjoy her life freely. She had a small family to look afetr.

She had difficulty in digestion. Her bowel movements were not normal. She used to pass stool once in 2-3 days. Some time she would have loose semisolid and sometimes hard stools. Her appetite also had gone down because of these problems.

Her other body functions like urination, sleep, perspiration were normal. She would like spicy food and had aversion to cold drinks as it would disturb her digestion. She attended menopause in her 48th year and had regular menstrual cycle and 2 pregnancies that ended with normal delivery.

She was lucky not to have any major stress in her life. Nor she had any major medical illness or any surgery performed in her past. Her father had high blood pressure and mother had arthritis problem.

Based on all the details in her questionaire, Dr Shah prescribed her constitutional remedy in Jan 2008. She responded with the improvement in digestion initialy. By the end of the year her viral load was constant (between 17 -18 lakhs) and did not show rapid increase after Homeopathic medicines. Bowel movements were regular, normal and she gained 3 kgs weight as her appetite improved. Her piles and backache also showed mild improvement. She was feeling much better and she reported that the quality of her life has improved.

In 2009 the condition was under control due to which there was some gap in between 2 batches of medicines. In August 2009 her viral count increased upto 11500000. During this time patient was about to stop Homeopathic medicines but then she was pacified and was explained the tendency of Hepatitis C virus and How Homeopathic mediciens tries to keep it under control.

She continued taking Homeopathic medicines regularly and her viral load was 5810000 in Jan 2010 with some fluctuations in bodyache and weakness. Her digestion was normal and weight was constant at 60 kgs. There was increase in the viral load noted at the end of 2010 but after making necessary changes in medicines the viral load was brought under good control.

The recent viral count is 12 lakhs (September 2011) which is less than her count in January 2008. Her liver profile is under good control. She has good digestion with normal defaecation and no further increase in piles. Her weight is constant at 60 kg. Bodyache and weakness is experienced only after overexertion.

Homeopathic medicines are chiefly herbal in origin and act at the root level of the disease without any side effects on body even after longterm treatment. Hepatitis is a disease that is kept under control by reducing viral load with Homeopathy. Sometimes viruses may show their resistance to Homeopathic medicines and may increase even while being on medication. But then necessary changes in medicines can reduce the viral load further. Patience is the key while getting such disease treated with Homeopathy.

Case study by Dr P.A.D

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