"My child was 90% relieved of his frequent cold with Dr. Shah’s medication.”

Master S. R. J., aged 4 years visited (Patient Identification Number - 17670) Life Force center on 6th December, 2011 with his parents. He would frequently suffer from cold since birth. There would be sneezing, running nose, cough, fever and ear ache once in 15 days and would last for around a week. The appetite would reduce during cold. He would require steroids every month for treating these acute episodes.

He was also suffering from constipation. He would pass motions once in 2 days and they would be hard. He would also have some pain in abdomen and flatulence. He had not taken any medicine for the same.

His appetite was average with liking for fish, eggs and chocolates. He could not bear cold weather. He was lean, thin and weighed 12 kgs.

He was going to school in the kindergarten section. He was staying with his parents and paternal grandmother. His father was working in an advertising company and his mother was a home maker. His grand mother stayed with them.

He was irritable and restless by nature. He would not mix easily with strangers and hence was quiet during the entire case taking. He had a sharp memory and a good grasping power.

His father was having high blood pressure. His mother was suffering from hypothyroidism. The paternal grandmother was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. His paternal uncle had tuberculosis and grandfather had cancer.

Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed a research based medicine.

On 16th January he reported with significant improvement. There was no episode of cold in last 1.5 months. The constipation had considerably improved.

After 2.5 months of medication he was relieved by 50%. There was a mild episode of cold once in these 3 months. The constipation was also better by 75%.

He visited on 11th April with further improvement in his frequent cold. He had just once required the allopathic medicines for the episode. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and Calcarea Phos 30c was added along with the research based medicines.

On 28th August he reported with further improvement in his frequent cold. The constipation was completely better.

After a year’s treatment he reported with 90% improvement. He did not experience any episode of cold in the past 6 months.

His parents were very happy and thankful to Dr. Shah.

uploaded on 3rd April 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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