Ms. D. W. could achieve complete recovery in her Lichen Planus with Dr. Shah’s treatment.

Ms. D. W. ( Patient Identification Number - 9914), 50 years old spinster visited our clinic on 27th August, 2007. She had been complaining of Lichen Planus since 5 months.

The Lichen Planus was gradually spreading and the lesions were present all over the body. The eruptions were mild and small in size. She had been applying steroid creams which had suppressed the eruptions into dark, hyper pigmented spots. They would mildly itch. The spread was not yet controlled even after taking 2 steroid injections. To cure it permanently she was recommended "LifeForce" center by a friend, who was a patient of Dr. Shah.

She was also having hypothyroidism since last 10 years. She had been regularly checking her thyroid levels, which were under control by conventional medicines.

She also suffered from frequent cold and cough, which would progress to bronchitis. This frequent cold and cough had been troubling her since the last 30 years. She would get a episode once in 3 months and it would remain for 8 – 15 days.

She liked spicy food. She had no specific disliking. She was intolerant to cold weather. There were no complaints with stool, urine, thirst, perspiration and sleep. She had attained menopause 3 months ago.

She was working as an executive in a travel company. Her mother was a home maker. She had an elder brother who was working and not married. Her younger sister was married and settled in Nagpur. Her father had expired 20 years back.

She had a difficult childhood financially. Her father was a supervisor in a catering club. She had cordial relations with her parents and siblings. She did not marry as she could not get the right partner. Now she was worried as to who would take care of her in her old age.

She was anxious and reserved by nature. Her anger was controlled and she would rarely get angry. She would worry seeing her mother in old age and would think ‘who will look after me in my old age’. She was sensitive and emotional about her work and her family.

She had suffered from Typhoid and hepatitis in the past.

She had a family history of breast cancer as her maternal aunt was suffering from it. Her father had osteoarthritis. Her mother suffered from some skin problem. Her elder brother was a diabetic.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed some research based medicines.

After 5 months of medication (25.2.08) – she was considerably better. The appearance of new spots had reduced. The other spots had become inactive. There were only hyper pigmented spots. The frequent cold had significantly reduced.

After another 5 months of treatment (19.7.08) – the lichen planus had further reduced. She was not applying any steroid creams. Her hyper pigmentation was gradually fading. The frequent cold had completely recovered.

After 1 year’s treatment (13.6.09) – the lichen planus had reduced by 75%. There were no new eruptions. The old spots had lightened.

She reported on 25th September 2010, after a gap of 8 months. She had been better without the medication. The post LP hyper-pigmentation had further lightened. Since last 2 -3 weeks few new eruptions had come. They were itchy. She also complained of itching of palms. Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and prescribed Natrum Sulphuricum 30c along with the research based medicines.

She reported on 5th January, 2011 with almost 90% of improvement. The appearance of new spots had completely stopped. The frequent cold was cured.

Homeopathy treats holistically and helps via stimulating the self healing poteitial of the body. The same remedy can cure the chief complaint and help beneficially in other associated chronic conditions, depending upon the presenting complaints.

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*Please note that results and duration of treatment may vary depending on the constitution of your body.