Long Term Remission in Ulcerative Colitis with homeopathy

Mr. A. A. availed our online treatment for Ulcerative Colitis on 27th April, 2009. He was 30 years old, married (Patient Identification Number 12085). He used to work for night shifts for the last 5 years and these complaints had started 2 years ago. The work stress would have triggered this condition. The symptoms would be well controlled by steroids and asacol, but when steroids were stopped, it would lead to a relapse with the same intensity. He would have irregular bowel movements especially after meals. He would pass blood and mucous with or without stools. Spicy food and lack of sleep would also trigger his symptoms.

His appetite was average. His liked salty food and disliked spicy food. He was non alcoholic, non smoker and vegetarian by choice. His water intake was less. He was more tolerant to cold weather. Sleep would be disturbed due to dreams.

He stayed in a joint family with parents, elder brother and sister in law, along with his wife and younger brother who was a bachelor. He shared good and frank relations with his parents and younger brother. He shared average relation with his elder brother and sister in law. His wife takes good care of him and is concerned in his daily activities.

He did not have any major illnesses since childhood though he had a weak stomach since childhood.

The emotions prominent in him would be anger, guilt and fear. He had much anticipatory anxiety. He would aim high in both professional and personal relationships, if not achieved, then it would lead to anxiety. He would get irritated when anxious. His job required traveling a lot.

He had a family history of diabetes and heart disease.

He had been taking Medrol 40mg a day in tapering dose every 2 weeks. He also was taking Asacol 6 tablets a day. He had repeated this course 5 times in last 2 years. He had been recently prescribed Sazo instead of Asacol. Also calcium supplements and ant acids were prescribed.

His case was studied in detail and he was prescribed Lycopodium clavatum 30c, along with research based medicines by Dr. Shah.

He reported on 2nd September with considerable improvement in his symptoms. He had completed the course of steroid and Saaz 2 weeks back. The symptoms had not relapsed since then. He had few times experienced blood with stools infrequently. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded.

He reported on 3rd March with further improvement in his Ulcerative colitis. He had last experienced blood and mucous 2 months ago. The stools were well formed and regular. The spicy food and irregular food timings would trigger it occasionally.

He reported on 26th July with around 70% improvement in his condition. He was also taking allopathic medicines along with homeopathy. Relapse would occur when he would eat too much food or oily and fatty food. Certain emotions like immediate family going through a tough phase would also trigger his complaints. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded accordingly.

He reported on 17th January 2011 with stable condition. His symptoms were well controlled with both the medicines together. He had been able to stop the steroid tablets. There was no bleeding or mucous in past 6 months.

He is religiously following the treatment and is happy with the outcome.

He is under our care since the last 4 years and he is leading a symptom free life.

Uploaded on 29th May 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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