Long standing case of Lichen Planus improved drastically with homeopathy

Thirty-year-old female Mrs. R.H.P. (Patient Identification Number: 23600), visited Life Force in September 2014 for her complaints of lichen planus. She presented with lichen planus on her legs, soles, back and on abdomen since seven to eight months. The eruptions were small circular, raised, blackish with severe itching, worse on slightest touch. She also had hyper-pigmented after marks of healed lesions on her legs.

She had lichen planus sixteen years back which was treated with steroid injections. In between, she experienced intermittent flare-ups. She developed extensive flare-up again in 2001 for which she took homeopathic treatment for one year. Her lichen planus was in remission from 2002 to 2013 for almost eleven years. Her lichen planus again started in January 2014 for which she visited Life Force with great hope.
She had associated complaints of hair fall. She also had photo-dermatitis, wherein she would get eruptions after exposure to sun rays.
She had a strong family history of lichen planus. Her brother and niece had lichen planus. Her mother and maternal grandfather suffered from gastritis. Her sister had hypothyroidism and father suffered from osteoarthritis. Her maternal grandmother suffered from cancer of the uterus.

She would prefer a vegetarian diet and her appetite was average. She had profuse perspiration with an offensive odor. She could not tolerate hot weather. Her sleep was sound.

She worked as an account in a private firm and stayed with her mother as she used to take care of her daughter. She would visit her in-laws on weekends. She was the only source of income in her family as husband and father-in-law were jobless. Her mother-in-law would work as a household cook and would support her.

Her childhood was happy. She got married at the age of nineteen years. There was no marital harmony as her husband was not ready to take the responsibility of the family. Her life was very stressful during those days. She got divorced with him. She remarried after few years but even after second marriage, her stress remained the same as her second husband was also jobless. The whole responsibility of the family came to her. This was the major source of stress for her.

After analyzing all the case details Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicines for her. 

On 25th October 2014, she visited Life Force for first follow-up with no major changes in her lichen planus. There were no major changes in old eruptions and itching. She experienced few new eruptions on her thighs and hands. Hyper-pigmented spots were same as before. There was a lot of dryness present on the skin. After analyzing the follow-up Dr. Shah prescribed further medicines.

After two months she gave a follow-up on on 8th December 2014. She reported that the eruptions on her legs, soles, back, and abdomen were better by fifty percent. She was happy as her troublesome itching had reduced by fifty percent. Hyper-pigmented spots had started fading. Her hair fall remained the same. Dr.Shah prescribed her medicines as per her follow-up.

On 12th March 2015, she reported with sixty percent relief in her lichen planus. There was significant relief in her itching as well. Old eruptions on back and abdomen started healing whereas she didn’t experience any new eruptions since three to four months. She reported few active eruptions on her legs and soles. There was further improvement in her hyper-pigmented spots as well. After reviewing the follow-up medicines was given by Dr. Shah.

On 25th April 2015, she came with the new complaint of tinea corporis. She experienced circular raised red eruptions on her lower abdomen, on breast line and at the groins with intense itching. Her lichen planus was stable. After analyzing the case Dr. Shah prescribed the further medicines.

After two months on 4th June 2016, there was further improvement in her lichen planus by seventy-five. Old eruptions were better. She didn’t get any new eruptions as well. She happily reported that itching was better on lichen planus affected areas by ninety percent. Hyper-pigmentation showed further improvement. She was only bothered about her complaint of tinea corporis. Dr. Shah made prescription based on her feedback.

On 13th August 2015, she came with eighty percent improvement in her lichen planus. Eruptions on her back and abdomen had drastically improved. Eruptions on her legs and soles also showed significant improvement. The itching was mildly present but she was least bothered about it. Her tinea corporis was completely better. Only hyper-pigmented spots of old lesions were left. She was very satisfied with the achieved result. 

She continued treatment at Life Force for the hyper-pigmentation and with the expectation that the marks would fade away completely. 

This case highlights the how homeopathy works like a ray of happiness in patient’s stressful life. Homeopathy is highly effective in chronic and long-standing cases of lichen planus. Proper homeopathic medicines, when taken under observations of experts, can improve the quality of life of the patient.   

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