Lichen Planus Treated Successfully By Homeopathy At Life Force

A 40-years-old lady, Mrs. S.R. (PIN 12289) consulted at Life Force for Lichen Planus on 11th June 2009. She had developed hyperpigmented, scattered, & spherical spots on her feet and ankles since seven years. Initially, she had a few spots on her hands and abdomen too. After taking the allopathic medicine, she got recovered from the disease but it relapsed in 2008. Her disease had progressed rapidly since 1 year. Her spots used to itch severely. And, she was not taking any medicine.

She had a fair skin and had an average build. She was non-vegetarian by diet. She desired to eat sweet and salty foods. Her thirst and perspiration were average. Her bowel movements were regular. Her sleep was sound. Her menses were regular and comfortable. She was sensitive to the cold weather. 

She was working in IT sector. Her husband was also working in IT sector. She had one 7-years-old daughter. 

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She didn't have any specific past history. In her family, her father was suffering from Lichen Planus and diabetes. Her mother, grandfather, and grandmother from the maternal side were diabetic. 

She was a quite confident lady. She was very expressive, workaholic, and reserved in nature.

Dr. Shah studied her case and she was prescribed research-based molecule.

On 5th August 2009, when she gave her first follow-up, her complaints had started showing a very good improvement. All the spots had become dull in color, and her relief from itching also had improved by more than 50%.

After taking medicines for a few months, her condition was totally improved and she had recovered from the disease so she had stopped the treatment.

One year later on 7th November 2011, a few mild spots appeared on her ankle so she restarted the treatment. After taking a few months medicine again her condition was improved. Her relief from anxiety also showed a good improvement. 

In July 2015, she informed that a small new spot had appeared on her right ankle and it was itching. 

When the patient gave her follow-up on 16th February 2016, her Lichen Planus had improved by more than 80%. 

In July 2016 her disease was relapsed due to stress, so Dr. Shah studied this case again & prescribed the required medicine.

On 26th August 2016, she reported a drastic improvement in her hyper-pigmented spots. Also, the relief from itching was also improved more than 70%.

On 17th February 2017, she gave her follow-up. Her condition was more than 90% recovered. Overall, she was doing very well with the treatment. No active lesions were seen. Only hyper-pigmented spots remained. All her LP spots showed a significant improvement in recovery, and her anxiety level also got reduced. Her sleep had improved a lot. 

The patient is still continuing the homeopathic treatment from Life Force for further improvement.


This case study highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating Lichen Planus.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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