Lichen planus on legs and thighs improved brilliantly

Ms. K.M.N was suffering from Lichen Planus since last 4 years. (Patient Identification Number 19142) She mentioned taking a lot of steroid based medicines in last 4 years which worked only temporarily for her.

She had Lichen Planus spots on the legs and thighs. The eruptions were shiny purplish in appearance were very itchy and painful. Even while narrating her complaints she was constantly feeling uncomfortable due to the itchiness on the feet.

She was a non vegetarian and her appetite was less. She had craving for spicy food. Her urine and bowel habits were normal. Thermally she was a chilly patient. Her sleep was sound.

She was a house wife, husband was a retired teacher. Her son was running a medical store. Her daughter was married and settled. Her's was a joint family, with a daughter in law and 2 grand kids. As a person she was still very active and would do all the house hold work on her own. She was an
independent women and till date had taken all the responsibility and was always responsible for all the major decisions at home. She was the matriarch of the family and she was dominating and would get angry and if anyone would not bend down to her wishes. She was a strong women and was completely responsible for the smooth functioning of the house. She was a disciplined women and followed all the home rules which she had herself set.

Based on her case details, Dr. Shah prescribed a constitutional medicine for her.

She appeared quiet relieved after sharing all her medical details with us.

At 2 months follow up on 30 June 2012, Ms. K.M.N reported slight improvement in her lichen planus, the itching was less. She had stopped all the steroid medications. The lichen planus spots were still active but there was no spread in the spots.

At 3.5 months follow up on 9 August 2012 Ms. K.M.N reported 50 % improvement in her lichen planus, her skin eruptions were reducing in size. The itching had reduced dramatically. The spread of the lichen planus spots had also reduced.

At 5 months follow up on 12 October 2012 Ms. K.M.N reported further improvement in her lichen planus. Her spots had flattened and her itching had come under control. There was no further spread in her lichen planus.

Ms. K.M.N has been responding well to the treatment and with full faith in the treatment she is is still continuing the treatment

Uploaded by Dr. Z.A. 8 November 2012.

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