Lichen Planus on bucal mucosa and inner side of lower lip with occasional pain and sever burning sensation

Mrs. M. R., (Pin L-9135) visited the clinic with complaints of oral lichen planus since past 2 months. The LP had affected both sides of the buccal mucosa (inside cheeks) and the inner side of lower lip. There were mild roughness, occasional pain, and tremendous burning sensation. There was a history of dental treatment in the past, after which complaints of oral lichen planus began.

oral lichen planus

Since few days she was on Ledercort cream locally for the oral LP.

There were associated complaints of recurrent corns on both great toes. She had gout since 1 year which had affected her right thumb. She complained of the stiffness of joints. She was on conventional medicines for gout. She also complained of frequent eructations on and off since few years which would increase in times of stress and anxiety.

On detailed probing, she revealed a few months back she had grieved a lot on the death of a close relative, owing to cancer.

She was a vegetarian with good appetite and craving for sweets. She couldn’t tolerate cold weather. She had sound sleep, normal bowel movements and her thirst and perspiration were normal. She had menopause 9 yrs back.

She was a school teacher and had retired early.

There was no past history of any major illness. She had a family history of Hypertension and cancer. Daughter also had been suffering from oral lichen planus.

She was a sympathetic, anxious and religious person. Satisfied and content with life. Short tempered and attached with family.

Dr Shah advised stopping the local ointment for LP. As per the above case details, Dr Shah’s research based medicines were prescribed. In 6 weeks there was 40% relief in the burning and pain. She was slowly able to eat normal food.

Within 4 months, there was a remarkable improvement in the oral lichen planus. She experienced relief in the joint pain and stiffness. The gout was improving. The eructations reduced.

Lichen planus lesion inside the left cheek had reduced considerably. The treatment has been continued for few months for further recovery.

This case illustrates that oral lichen planus responds very well to homeopathy. Lesions get healed without any side effects, with homeopathy treatment.

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