Lichen Planus of recent origin cured within 6 months using Homeopathy....

A 28 years old lady, Mrs. S.G (Patient Identification number 15637) visited Life Force Center for the treatment of Lichen Planus.

lichen planus in hand

She came with lichen planus of recent origin which began 3 months ago and spread very quickly. She had Lichen Planus on her legs, back, abdomen and neck which presented as reddish brown eruptions. She complained of severe itching and dryness.

In medical history it was found that she had taken oral cortisone for 2 months but stopped as she started gaining weight.

Emotionally she was disturbed due to bad inter personal relations with her husband. She was very sensitive and caring. She was a calm and affectionate lady. She was very jovial. But off late she had become very sensitive. She had become irritable and short tempered by nature. This is because she was having a strained relation ship with her husband. He was a dominating and non adjusting person. He would offend her for small mistakes. She would get deeply hurt and weep alone. Initially she would back answer; however she realized that this only escalated her troubles. So she started suppressing her emotions. Stress could be the probable cause of lichen planus in her case.

lichen planus in hand

The situation at home had repercussions in her job, moods, and personality. She became touchy and reserved. She had become indecisive. She felt better when any one talked with care and sympathy.

Dr Shah inquired about these emotional aspects and gave counseling.

She had marked desire for sweets and green leafy vegetables.

She was sensitive to heat and summer. She would get headaches when ever she travelled in the sun.

After studying the case in details Dr. Rajesh Shah explained the chances of resurfacing as she had stopped cortisone recently and abruptly. Dr Shah prescribed Natrum Mur 30 C and later on 200 C.

At the 2 months follow up Mrs. S.G reported that the rate of spread of her lesions of lichen planus had slowed down and the itching and discomfort were better.

At the 4-month follow-up, Mrs. S.G reported that her lesions had stopped spreading and her itching and discomfort was better by 40%. On examination it was found that most of her lesions on legs, back, abdomen and neck have flattened and the area had reduced.

At the 6-month follow-up, Mrs. S.G reported that her lesions of lichen planus were reduced by 60% and her itching and discomfort were better by 90%. She has been advised another 6 months treatment.

Uploaded on 26 th Aug 2011 by Dr SNB

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