Lichen planus is cured with homeopathy, marks dissappear and normal skin texture is regained in a young girl...

A young girl aged 26 yrs (PIN L-9221) came to the clinic with her parents. She had complaints of Lichen planus. There were vesicular eruptions i.e fluid-filled eruptions with intense itching for 4 months. They were spreading rapidly for 2-3 months. The lichen planus had affected the hands, legs, thighs, chest, and abdomen. Along with it, there was a darkening of the skin after exposure to sunlight.

She was on steroids and antihistamines for 1 month. Her parents were extremely worried about her as she was about to get married in a year's time.

There was a history of chronic constipation for many years, where she had to strain to pass stools and had an unsatisfied feeling after passing stools. This was accompanied by bleeding from the stools. She also complained of hair fall wherein she was losing more than 100 strands a day.

There were recurrent headaches that were worsened by sunlight, looking downwards. The headaches were a pulling sensation and continuous nausea. These headaches would come for 1 year about 3-4 times a month remaining for 1 hour every time.

She was more comfortable in warm weather and used to sweat profusely. She lives in a joint family and described her nature as extremely sensitive and one who cries easily. She felt better by sharing her feelings and talking about it.

There was a strong family history of Lichen Planus for her father and sister.

Dr Shah examined the patient and studied her case details thoroughly. The treatment was started. In 4 weeks, she reported of the itching to have reduced by 30%. This relieved her a lot. Treatment was continued on the same lines, in 8 weeks the spread of lichen planus was controlled. There were no new eruptions coming up. She had stopped with the steroids and antihistamines by this time.

In a span of 4 months of our treatment, she was better by 50 %. The lesions had regressed, no new lesions developed. She experienced a difference in constipation, she didn’t have to strain it. The frequency of her headaches had reduced.

In 8 months the skin began resuming its normal texture. Her hands, legs were substantially better. The marks began to fade considerably.

Her happiness knew no bounds. The parents couldn’t thank Dr Shah enough. They were overwhelmed with happiness.

She is continuing with the LP treatment for best results with homeopathy and is under the care of Dr Shah.

Lichen planus is completely curable with homeopathy. The marks fade away gradually and normal skin is regained.

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