Lichen Planus in a young man was cured completely using homeopathy

Mr. K. P. 22 year old man from Hyderabad (Patient Identification Number 12912) visited Life Force on 13th November 2009 with the complaint of Lichen Planus. He was suffering from last fourteen months. His hands, legs and abdomen were affected with Lichen Planus. He was having raised hyper pigmented lesions with severe itching.

He was on prednisolone 16 mg (cortisone) for three months. His complaints were masked by cortisone. He would get cracks and bleeding from the lesions, which was under control with prednisolone. He had stopped using steroid twenty five days prior to his visit to Life Force.

His appetite was average with craving for sweets and fried food. Perspiration, bowel habits and urination were normal. Sleep was sound. He was hot patient with marked aggravation from heat.

Mr. K.P. was planning to do masters in Chemical Engineering from Canada. He was very self conscious and fastidious. He would have strong hatred for the people who have offended him. He was very responsible towards the family and had very rational thinking.

Based on above history Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed his research-based medicines. In initial two months he noticed some new lesions; which was expected as there was a recent history of intake of cortisone. The lesions started getting better slowly.

Within next two months, the spread stopped completely. Itching was reduced. Only hyperpigmentated marks were there without any itching. In all his further follow ups, there was improvement in his Lichen Planus. By February 2011, when he reported from Canada, he was completely recovered from his Lichen Planus.

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