Large, extensive patch of vitiligo on back and abdomen recovered gradually by 60% with Dr. Shah’s medication.

Mrs. G. P., aged 41 years (Patient Identification Number - 17510) availed our online treatment for Vitiligo from United States on 25th March 2010. She had been diagnosed with Vitiligo 3 years ago. It had started from the back, abdomen and lips. The patch was large and extensive on back and abdomen. The approximate size of the spot on back was 5cm to 8cm, of abdomen 4cm to 6cm and 3/4th of the lip was affected. She also had a spot on genitals. She had related stress as a major factor for the spread in her spots. She had also taken ayurvedic medicines but it did not help much.

She liked sweets and disliked sour food. Her thirst was average. She would sweat less. She was more tolerant to warm weather. Her menses were normal. The sleep was sound and peaceful.

Her family consisted of husband, a daughter, a son and father in law. Her husband was working. She had left the job a few months back. Being jobless was a stress for her.

She was sensitive and worrisome by nature. She would get sad and depressed with any common situation of life. She was worried as she was unable to find an appropriate job for herself. She would usually express her anger on other people.

Her father was suffering from Vitiligo.

She had been applying the conventional medicines since 1.5 months. She was also taking oral medications.

After a detailed case study Dr. Shah prescribed her Hydrocotyle Asiatica 30c along with a research based medicine.

After 4 months of medication she reported on 26th July 2010 with no significant improvement, but the spread had stopped. There were no new spot reported nor any spread in existing spot. She had noticed 5% improvement in her back spot. Her case was reviewed and she was prescribed Hydrocotyle Asiatica 200c along with some research based medicines.

After 8 months of medication she reported on 4th January 2011 with further improvement in her spots. There was no spread. The disease was stable. Her prescription was upgraded with new research based medicines.

She reported on 20th June 2011 with 10% improvement in her Vitiligo. Her case was reviewed and medicines were prescribed. Dr. Shah prescribed Thuja Occidentalis 200c along with other medicines.

She reported on 16th November 2011 with further improvement in Vitiligo. There was no spread. There was improvement in back, abdomen and lips. Her case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and prescription was upgraded.

She reported on 27th February 2012 with further improvement in vitiligo. There was 30% recovery in her back spot. The abdomen spot was recovered by 10%. The lips spot was stable. Her prescription was upgraded with Natrum Muraticum 30c along with research based medicines.

She visited our clinic al the way from the US, a year later on 8th February 2013. Her Vitiligo had been stable for a year without medication. The back spot had recovered by 60%. The abdomen spot had recovered by 30%. The lips were recovered by 50%.

Uploaded on 4th April 2013 by Dr. M. N. P

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