Kid suffering with Atopic Dermatitis since the age of 3 months, got better within 8 months of treatment, thanks to Dr Shah

Mr. J. T. was unceasingly searching for the best treatment for his son, who was suffering from moderate Atopic Dermatitis. He came across the website of Dr. Shah and was impressed with the display of expertise. He decided to avail online treatment from Dubai. He registered online with us on 5th May 2013. R. T. was a year old child. His patient identification number is 21057. He had started getting prickly heat looking like eruptions since the age of 3 months. They would gradually become red blister which would thicken and form a patch. Such patches were present on the face, cheeks, chest, back, neck and legs. Itching was moderate, mainly after getting up from sleep or when he would sit idle and no one was paying attention to him. The patches on feet had become dark, while on the face and chest they would remain red. On the face the rashes would disappear in few days and come back again, while the rashes on chest and back were very active and itchy. Initially it had spread all over the body. An allergic blood test was conducted. He was found to be allergic to milk and egg white so they were not given. Any change in weather would also trigger his rashes. The rashes would appear redder after bathing or applying oil.

He had good appetite with no specific liking or disliking. The skin would become red in both the extremes of temperature. His milestones were on time. His weight was appropriate for his age. His sleep was sound.

His father was working in Dubai. His mother was a home maker.

He was taking anti allergy medicines to reduce the itching and applying paraffin oil and cream. He had also started with a homeopathic medicine from a local doctor, which was not helping much.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medicines for 4 months.

Mr. J. T. contacted us online on 6th July as the rashes had mildly flared up. He had been advised to be in regular touch with his local skin specialists also. He had visited the skin doctor who had changed the cream application for this mild flare up. He was advised to keep patience as these normal fluctuations would occur due to change in weather etc. He was advised to increase the dose for a week.

His father reported on 10th July with mild improvement in his rash. His father could relate this flare up to a new porridge given to him few days back, which was immediately stopped.

His father reported on 16th July with further increase in his rashes on face. When examined by the local doctor it was concluded to be secondarily infected. He was started with antibiotics and minimum dose of steroid as five days course. He was advised to start with them along with homeopathic medicines.

His father gave a feedback on 28th August with no change in the rashes. It had subsided with steroids in a week’s time but had flared up again 2 weeks back. He was again prescribed steroids for a week. Itching was severe. Dr. Shah reviewed the case and upgraded the prescription.

His father reported on 1st November with considerable improvement in his rashes. The itching had reduced significantly. Occasionally his face and neck would itch. He was still on his mother's milk. He was advised to gradually introduce other food items like dal, rice, fruits etc.

He personally visited on 20th December to meet Dr. Shah. He had recovered around 70%.
His need for steroids and intensity of relapses had significantly reduced.

He is continuing with the medicines to recover completely.

Uploaded on 28th December 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.

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