Inhalers and nebulizers offer temporary relief; Homeopathy cures asthmatic bronchitis.

Master M.G. 2 year old male child (Patient identification no 9531) was suffering from asthmatic bronchitis from one year. He visited Life Force along with his parents on 16 April 2007 and started treatment under guidance of Dr Rajesh Shah MD.

The child had complaints of cough with yellow expectoration, the cough would end in vomiting, he also had difficulty in breathing; he would develop wheezing. His complaints would get worse from taking oily food, chocolates and in the cold weather. Despite taking inhalers (bronchodilators) he was not getting much relief. He also had frequent cold and cough since childhood, he would catch cold once every month and it would last for around one week, at this time he had watery nasal discharge, sneezing and cough.
Off late in the last 6-8 months he was frequently requiring nebulizers. His parents had even kept nebulizers at home. However this was not the solution, and they wanted medicines to prevent the recurrence of the asthmatic bronchitis.

His case details were studied.

He had a family history of Asthma. His paternal grand father and maternal grand mother had asthma.

The child was violent and irritable by nature. He often used to hit his sister; he always wanted to be in his mother`s lap.

His appetite was reduced and had increased thirst. He was sensitive to hot weather; he had profuse sweat on forehead.

The child was constipated and usually had hard stools.

On examination, the chest was congested with presence of audible ronchi on auscultation. His cervical lymph nodes were found enlarged.

Blood examination showed increase in white blood cell count.

Dr Shah studied the case in detail, and prescribed him Arsenic Album 200c along with his research based homeopathic medicines for asthmatic bronchitis.

On 3 June 2007, the child reported to our centre with much improvement in cough. The expectoration and vomiting after cough had also reduced. He could eat properly and his irritation has gone down. Dr Shah subsequently prescribed Calcarea Phosphoricum 30C and later on 200c.

On 6 September 2007, child was much better with reduction in frequency and intensity of cough. Also tendency to catch cough and cold had greatly reduced and he did not have any episode of cold and cough since he started homeopathic treatment.

Dr Shah again reviewed the case and prescribed him medicines

On 9 December 2007, there was further reduction in the frequency of asthmatic attacks, now he only got one episode in 4 months and the intensity and duration of the episodes also reduced considerably. His appetite had markedly improved.

On 16 February 2008, the child was happy and healthy. He did not get a single attack of asthma in winters although he had a tendency for winter aggravation.

On 21 March 2008, parents of the child reported at Life Force. They were happy that Dr Shah could give relief to their child by treating his asthmatic bronchitis with homeopathic medicines which was not responding to bronchodilators and nebulizers.

They reported again on 24 January 2012. The patient`s younger sister was brought for treatment for cold and cough. When inquired about the patient, they said that he his fine since then. There has been no reoccurrence.

Uploaded on 14th February by Dr P.D.

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