Improvement in vitiligo spots near right eye, behind right ear, right thigh and nose achieved with Dr Shah’s treatment

7 years old girl from Chennai Ms. F. H. H. (Patient Identification Number - 18989) visited our clinic with her parents on 30th April 2012. She was suffering from Vitiligo since June 2011. She had vitiligo spots near her right eye, behind right ear, on her right thigh and recent spot was on the right side of her nose. She had taken conventional medication with not much relief for 6 months. The spots were still spreading and new spots were coming. Her maternal grandfather also had Vitiligo. It was explained to her parents that the areas involving fingertips, around eyes, lips and genitals are difficult areas to treat and it may take time in such cases to show positive response.

The child used to eat mixed food. She liked eating fish, meat, sour and spicy food. She had no specific dislikes. She perspired profusely. She preferred cold weather. Her thirst, urine and bowel movements were normal. Her sleep was sound.

She was studying in kindergarten. Her family consisted of younger brother, parents and grandparents.

She was irritable, aggressive and short tempered. She was affectionate towards her younger brother. She was pampered by her grandparents.

Her father was suffering from epilepsy.

Dr. Shah prescribed her research based medicines after studying her case in detail.

Parents were instructed to avoid sour and sea food completely.

Patient’s mother called up on 21st August 2012. She reported mild increase in her Vitiligo spots around her right eye. There was a small new spot near her left eye. There was no change in rest of the spots. Dr. Shah enhanced the medication dose.

Patient visited on 26th December 2012 from Chennai along with her parents. Her mother reported regimentation on her spots near right eye, near her left eye, behind her right ear and her right thigh. The spot on her nose was the same. There were no new spots and old spots had stopped spreading. The disease was stable and recovering.

Patient visited on 24th April 2013. Her mother reported further improvement in her spots near right and left eye. The spot behind the ear had regimented around 75%. There was 50% improvement on her right thigh spot. There was mild improvement seen on her spot on her nose.

Patient’s mother reported over the phone on 5th September 2013. Her spots near both the eyes had improved more than 50%.The spot on her nose had increased slightly. Parents were reminded to ascertain that in her diet sour and sea food were completely avoided.

Patient visited our clinic on 31st December 2013. Mother was glad to report that her spot on her right thigh had completely got regimented. The spot behind right ear had regimented around 80%. Her spots on both the eyes had more than 50% better and spot on her nose had improved around 25%.

She is still continuing her treatment for further improvement. Parents were relieved with the improvement which she had shown

Uploaded on 6 March 2014, by Dr. I.R.

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