I wish I had started the treatment much early.

Mrs. T.G. aged 29 years (Patient Identification Number 10279) was suffering from hair fall. Her hair fall started after delivery and was not recovering naturally. She was loosing her hair drastically which had further worsened after she suffered from Jaundice. Her hair was thinning day by day. She would see her hairs on pillow, on floor, on the wash basin. She had become very apprehensive at the rate at which she was loosing her hair. So, she firmly decided to start treatment for her hair fall. There by, she came to know about Life Force from one of her relative who was our existing patient Mrs. C.R. So, she visited our center on 29th December 2007

Her case was taken in detail. She was suffering from hair fall since 3 years. She would loose around 200-300 hair strands in a day. There was thinning of hairs on partition area. She was very horrified when she used to see herself in the mirror. She always said “now I am looking ugly, I will get bald” through out the case taking. She had become irritable out of this experience.

Her appetite was average. There was marked craving for spicy food and marked aversion for sweets. Her sleep and bowel were normal.

She was a team leader in a MNC. She was competitive and hardworking. She would become angry if her subordinates wouldn't work properly. She was reserved. She would take time to mingle with others. She was comfortable only with persons she knew well.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case details and prescribed his researched based medicines along with her constitutional treatment.

After 2 months of medications her hair fall reduced by 40%. She was mentally a bit relaxed after seeing the improvement.

After 4 months of medications her hair fall reduced by 70%. By this time her hair fall reduced from 200-300 to around 50-75 hair strands per day.

After 6 months of treatment there was complete recovery from hair fall and hair thinning was also better. Hair re- growth was noticeable on partition area. She is still continuing the treatment for further results.

She was very happy with the results. Her irritation was also improved. Now, she was cool and calm. She was thanking Life Force team for the efforts. She summed up her experience by saying, "I wish I had started the treatment much early. The treatment was very wonderful. Homeopathy is very effective in stopping hair falling."

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