I was able to discontinue all my allopathic medicines for high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and acidity.

Mr B.S., (Patient Identification Number: 12905) was brought to the clinic for the treatment of depression and hypertension. He was suffering from depression since the last five to six year, but his complaints had aggravated over the last two to three years. All his complaints started due to severe anxiety. Both parents developed myocardial infarcts ( heart attack) in an interval of few days. So he was in severe stress at that time. His father was in hospital for around four to five months. The treatment was very expensive, and later on his father developed one sided paralysis. Patient was hardly 25 at that age, he had never dealt with such crisis till then and it led to severe anxiety and worry. He developed high blood pressure as a response to stress. He was on tablet Divon 80 mg and tablet Stamlo 5 mg, both once a day. On one side he faced emotional stress of father’s illness and on the other he had to meet the challenge of paying off the cost of treatment. Being the eldest son, the responsibility was on his shoulders. He plunged into work head on, and established a very sound business. All his thoughts were for earning money to repay the loan taken for father’s treatment. After fulfilling the financial responsibility, he faced challenges on the home front. He had very strained relationship with his wife. His wife did not get along with his parents; she would spill out her anger on him. Both would get angry and quarrel with each other. His wife was of a strong nature and she would not bow down. She would also oppose patient for the sake of opposition Patient felt that she is narrow-minded, there is so much hatred that now, he did not even feel like talking with her. Patient has a nature of brooding; he can neither forgive nor forget. Last year was rather difficult for him, because of health, depression, general recession making difficulties in business and finance, quarrels at home. He was completely lost… He was very anxious about every thing. He described himself as very short tempered. He said that his mind had become very dull; his thought process was also very inactive. He had memory loss. He had become very lethargic, and he didn’t have interest in anything. He wanted to be alone and he did not want to talk with anyone. He was feeling very dull and wanted to sleep all the time. He was always feeling very drowsy. There was no enthusiasm left in him, he used to often get angry on his wife. Many times along with these symptoms his head and eyes would become very heavy. He had lot of depression, he wouldn’t initiate contacts with old customers so had loss in business. He felt sleepy even while eating; he just could not resist sleeping. He said, “I can fall asleep even while talking with some one.’’ He had lot of insecurity for future, as there was a recession he was getting worried, what will happen in the future? He was also getting too much worried about his health. He always procrastinated his work, was always irresolute and in a dual mind. He had become indecisive. Along with depression he had other (somatic) complaints too. He used to snore a lot, so he used to feel that all his complaints are because of snoring. He had hypertension and was on anti hypertensive tablets. He always complained of body ache. Many a times he used to have acidity and retrosternal burning. He also complained of erectile dysfunction since 1 year. He also had recurrent throat infections. He was a very obese person; He used to keep on overeating. He also had a tooth pain as he use to eat supari. He was a pure vegetarian and he had excessive appetite. He used to sweat a lot all over the body. He was a hot patient and he couldn’t tolerate heat at all. He was a very obese person. He couldn’t even get proper sleep in the night as he used to keep on thinking continuously. There was a history of paralysis and bypass surgery seen in his family. On basis of the above history his case was evaluated according to the homoeopathic protocols, and Dr Shah gave him an appropriate remedy along with his other research based medicines. Within the 4-6 months time it was seen that his depression was much better, he was feeling very good And his all the body and joints pain were better. Along with that his blood pressure also reduced and he was also relieved from his acidity. In around one year of treatment, he could discontinue his allopathic medicines for blood pressure. The symptoms of anxiety and depression have reduced by around 80-90 % He was counseled about the virtue of forgiveness. He patched up with his wife and is much calm and relaxed. He has resumed regular business activity. (Gained a bit more weight … due to the ensuing happiness :) His main concerns now are obesity and snoring, which he feels has not been addressed by Homeopathy. He acknowledges a lot of improvement in his depression and hypertension, He has been advised diet and exercises. This case demonstrated the effects of stress on the mind and the body. This patient had developed anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, acidity, joints pain etc. All of these could be relieved with the right homeopathic treatment.

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