I wanted long-lasting solution for my Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis; I achieved it at Life Force

Mr. H.G.S. (Patient Identification Number: 21464) aged thirty-eight years visited Life Force on 6th August 2013 for the treatment of Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis.

He presented with mild to moderate lesions of psoriasis on his face, ears, chest and scalp. He had been suffering from these complaints since 3-4 years. He also had severe itching in the inside of thighs which showed mild psoriatic lesions. He had severe itching over the chest with scaling. There was a relapse in his condition since 3-4 months. His lesions would temporarily subside after use of conventional medicines and would come back after stoppage of those medicines. His psoriasis was masked with steroids as he was taking steroids on and off since 4 years. He had also taken ayurvedic treatment in the past which did not give him significant relief. His complaints would increase in winter. He wanted a long-lasting solution to his complaints. He searched the internet about the scope of homeopathy in psoriasis and then started his treatment under Dr. Shah.

Along with psoriasis, he was also suffering from psoriatic arthritis since 2 years. He had pain and stiffness in his knee, elbow and wrist joints. He would have pain in calf muscles especially at night. There was no stiffness/deformity. He also felt weakness and tiredness after exertion.

He was a vegetarian by diet. His appetite was average and he had liking for sweets. He rarely consumed alcohol. His thirst, perspiration, bowel movements, urination and sleep were normal. He was sensitive to hot weather.

He was working with an export firm and his job involved touring for many days. His wife was a home-maker. His son was studying in grade 1. His father had expired and mother was a housewife. His sister was married and settled.

He was calm and reserved by nature. He had to face many stressful situations at work and family. He was anxious regarding the future.

In the past, he had suffered from warts on the face which were cured with the help of homeopathic treatment. His father expired due to heart disease and mother was suffering from diabetes mellitus and depression.

After studying his case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed him research based molecules for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. His photos were taken.

After 3 months of treatment, he visited Life Force on 5th November 2013. He reported of 30-40% improvement over all his lesions. His itching, redness and scaling had reduced considerably. There were no new lesions or spread. His complaints of psoriatic arthritis  was also 30-40 % better. He also reported that after the start of medicines, his concentration in the work and his sleep had improved.

After next 3 months, he visited on 4th February 2014 and reported of overall 50-60% improvement. His lesions on chest, face and scalp were significantly better. There was occasional itching and redness over the lesions. His psoriatic arthritis complaints was much better. His pain in the joints and calf muscles was further better. He also reported that earlier he used to suffer from cold and fever every 2 months but since the start of the medicines there have been no such episode. He even mentioned that he had become more optimistic. His medicines were continued.

After 4 months of regular follow-up, he visited Life Force on 24th June 2014 and reported of overall 90% improvement. His lesions on the chest, face, ears and scalp were remarkably better. His psoriatic arthritis was much better. He is still continuing the medicines for further improvement and management of his disease. He was happy with the outcome of the treatment and gave a written testimonial.

Homeopathic medicines are deep-acting; targeting the root cause of the disease; eventually leading to complete healing of the mind and the body.

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