I wake up in the morning and breathe freely...

A young girl Miss.G. L. 24 yrs (PIN No. 10410) came to our clinic Life Force with complaints of recurrent colds since 11 years. There was irritation within the nose, with itching, frequent sneezing around 20-50 at a time, runny nose with thin watery discharge and mild headache. The sneezing and colds would get worse on exposure to dust, fiber,cotton, most marked when she used to come in contact with cats as she had a couple of them as pets in her home. She was on antihistamines for long time but with little relief of the colds.

She would often suffer from hyperacidity with burning sensation in chest and abdominal gases. She was an extremely anxious person with obsession to wash hands constantly. She a cleanliness freak and could not tolerate untidyness.

She had average appetite and thirst. There was liking for milk and salty things with strong dislike for sweets. She was sensitive to cold. The bowel movements and urine were normal.

On more probing it was known she had suffered from many tragedies in life. Her parents were divorced when she was 7 years old. She was forced to follow discipline by her mother. Every aspect of her life was dominated by her mother, she would rebel but would have to succumb. She became a fashion designer, is now an extrovert, quite bold by nature, extremely anxious with certain inferiority complexes.

There was a family history of asthma, anxiety, urticaria and diabetes.

On basis of her detailed case study G.L.consulted Dr Rajesh Shah. Dr Shah examined her and she was noted to have DNS (Deviated nasal septum) and nasal polyp in the right nostril. Dr Shah prescribed her research based medicines for allergic rhinitis.

In initial 4 weeks there was no change in the colds.

In the 6th week the sneezing was reported to reduce by 25%. The runny nose was considerably less. The irritation in the nose was less by 40%.

In 4 months there was 50% reduction in the colds and the sneezing was substantially less. She was feeling better. She stopped with the anitihistamines.

She updated there was betterment in her gastric complaints as well. The anxiety had reduced relatively.

In 6 months, G. L.showed 75% improvement with the rhinitis.

She is continuing with the treatment and is under Dr Shah's care. She exclaims “previously there was a lot of irritation, itching in the nose and irritability, now I wake up in the morning and breathe freely".

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