I improved greatly..my TSH levels came within normal limits with Dr Shah's treatment.

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A 17 year old girl (pin no13111) came with her parents to the clinic with complaints of Hypothyroidism, sleeplessness, constipation. Etc. She was also suffering from Vitiligo affecting the scalp and left leg. She was prescribed eltroxin, but her parents were not in favor, they wanted to get her treated for her under-active thyroid and vitiligo, both with Homeopathy.

Her appetite was normal. She complained of profuse perspiration on her palms and soles. She suffered from irregular menses. She also had a very un-refreshing sleep with nightmares.

She was the only child in the family. She was very aggressive, haughty and short tempered. She had friends from the affluent class and would like to mingle with them.
She was close to her father than her mother. She described her mother as abusive, not supportive, interfering. She hated her mother.

There was strong family history of Hypertension on both sides.
The reports were as follows-T3-3.8, T4-1.3, TSH-1.5

On the basis of these symptoms Dr. Shah prescribed the remedy Nat mur 200 along with some research remedy. She started showing good improvement within the next 3-4 months. There was mild re-pigmentation seen in areas affected with Vitiligo. Her aggressiveness decreased, her sleep improved.

The Thyroid levels started dropping down and finally there was nearly complete normalization of her TSH levels.
The patient is very happy with her thyroid reports.(TSH-2.8) and overall general improvement. She is still under treatment.

We have uploaded her reports -

Date :29.12. 2009 TSH- 5.71 High
Date 30-4-2010 : TSH 3.4:
Date :3.1.2011 . TSH 2.89

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