I can relish all type of food without any discomfort. Thanks to Homeopathy for substantial recovery in my oral LP

This is a case of a 21 yrs young man, Mr AS (PIN 10091) from Colombo, Sri Lanka, a Southernmost part of Asia. He started online treatment with Life Force.

On 26th July 2006. He was suffering from the reddish-brown circular eruption on his abdomen, ankle, and shoulder for 4 years. He also had a greyish brown patch inside his cheeks. It was diagnosed as Lichen Planus by his physician who advised him to go for steroids.

Mr AS knew the side effects of steroids so she refused the steroidal line of treatment. His disease was spreading rapidly. His legs and arms were full of eruptions in just 3-4 months. He had itching and burning over the eruption. The itching was so severe that he used to scratch it till it bleeds. He was not able to eat his normal diet due to burning sensation in his mouth lesions.

Fred up and exhausted of the disease, he started finding some treatment options on the internet and went through Dr Shah's website www.lichenplanus.com. He examined disease information case studies, disease photos on website and had a conversation with associate doctors. After getting convinced, he registered himself online and filled up the questionnaire online mentioning all the details about his health.

In the questionnaire, he mentioned that his personal, social and professional life was badly affected due to Lichen Planus. He used to feel helpless and dejected at his work level. The stress of health would make him irritable and impatient. He mentioned that stress could be a triggering factor for her skin condition. Basically he was reserved and irritable.

About diet, he mentioned that his food and water intake were average. He had a craving for spicy and sweet food. His digestion, sleep pattern, sweating was all normal. He never had any major illness in his past or in his family.

Based on all these details, Dr Shah prescribed 4 months of constitutional medicine that was couriered on 27th July 2006. He received and started medicines on 8th August 2006. He reported online on 20th November 2006, after 3 and half months, mentioning that the spread of the disease has stopped. Lesions were 30% better and her itching was also reduced.

He was asked to continue medicines with which she was more than 50% better till May 2007. In June 2007 her there was a sudden increased in his itching and he experienced new spots on. On asking in detail he told me that the stress level was very high for many days. Dr Shah made necessary changes in medicines and the next course was sent. He was advised to do relaxation techniques as well.

He had more than 90% improvement with the next medicines. Her reddish-brown spots on the abdomen, hands, legs, ankle, and shoulder along with itching reduced substantially. He reported online that she needed to hide in clothes but now he can wear any type of clothes. he also mentioned that he can relish all type of food after getting substantial relief in his oral lichen planus.

Case study by Dr P.D.

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