Homeopathy treats the disease by addressing the root cause and so it is effective in allergies and chronic conditions.

A 37 years lady, Mrs J. B. B. (Patient Identification Number 16292) visited Life Force center on 20 June 2011.

She was suffering from frequent colds and sinusitis since the last six months. She would get cold and sinusitis every fifteen to twenty days. Each episode would last for eight to ten days and necessitate taking antibiotics. She was also prescribed otrivin nasal drops and short courses of tablet betnesol (three days therapy for acute episodes).

She would present with sneezing bouts, nose block, and frontal sinusitis. She did not have running nose.

She was quiet healthy all these years. Then why did she suddenly fall sick so often?
...the inquiry was directed with this question in mind.

She was a home maker. She had one son aged six years and one daughter aged eleven years. Her husband had a successful business. Her mother in law and father in law stayed with her. In the last to three years, she had become very irritable and sensitive. She had become hurried and impatient.

She would shout on her kids and also hit them for small matters. They had lots of guests and visitors. So she was always over worked. Her sleep had reduced, she would always be in thoughts.

When probed further it was revealed that, six to eight months earlier, she had a bitter quarrel amongst her friend circle. They had a good group of friends. They generally partied together, and went for picnics. They were like a large family. After the quarrel, she was blamed for it and the other friends in the group boycotted her. This left her very sad and frustrated. She would constantly think over it and she had lost her sleep and peace of mind due to this incidence. She tried to forgive and forget about it, she tried to say sorry and patch up. However the friends did not relent.

It had given a bad name to her family in society. She was weeping while narrating this incidence.

She had a craving for sweet and spicy food. Off late, sour food and curds caused discomfort. She was sensitive to the cold weather. She would have pre-menstural symptoms of irritability and depressed state of mind.

Her father had Diabetes and her mother suffered from hypertension.

Dr Shah examined her and asked a few more relevant questions. He advised her to refrain from tablet betnesol (cortisone). He allowed her to use the nasal drops presently and told her to reduce it's use over a period of time. Dr Shah explained her that homeopathy will help to reduce the frequency and intensity of the episodes.

Dr Shah prescribed Sepia 30c and Thuja 200c. She got good response in three to four months. She stayed nearby and would visit the center for follow up every six to eight weeks. She got good relief in her sinusitis. The pattern of episodes changed. Previously she never got running nose. Now she would get running nose. The sinus would not get affected despite colds. She did not require antibiotics now.

Dr Shah had already forbidden the use of any type of steroids. Gradually the frequency of colds also reduced. She felt much better and at peace. Her appetite improved, sleep normalized and dark circles under her eyes vanished. She turned a new leaf under the care of homeopathy.

Homeopathy treats the disease by addressing the root cause and so it is effective in allergies and chronic conditions.

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