Homeopathy Treated Migraine & Female Pattern Baldness Effectively

A 34-year-old lady, Mrs. N.C. (PIN: 17496) visited Lifeforce Homeopathy on 11th December 2011 for getting her long-standing problem of hair fall treated. It was resulting in female pattern baldness, which she was suffering from for about 3-4 years.

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During the case history, she mentioned that hair strands were getting lost on a daily basis and she used to lose approximately 100 strands daily without any dandruff. Her hair fall complaint had got triggered after she suffered from Typhoid fever, which she got 5-6 years back. She was not under medical treatment for hair fall as such.

She mentioned her short-tempered nature as she used to get angry about every silly matter. She was very fastidious and wanted everything in a proper way and manner. 

After going through the entire case history in detail, Dr. Shah suggested some investigations to the patient and prescribed medicines after thorough evaluations of her symptoms.

During her first follow-up, the results of investigations suggested were within the normal limit, and also her relief from hair fall had shown an overall improvement of 10%. Her hair fall had reduced.

As the follow-ups were taken, in every follow-up an improvement of 10%-20% was observed. 

And, during her follow-up she also mentioned about her migraine complaint, which she was suffering for 20 years, had again begun in the mid of 2012. And, it was causing a problem in her day-to-day activities. Its frequency was almost 2-3 times a month, and it used to last for about 1 whole day. She had to take a painkiller to settle the headache and was often observed that it would get aggravated by the sun's heat and strong odor. She used to feel better by sleeping. By this time, hair fall was in control in just 8 months of regular treatment. 

And, after a detailed study again, the patient was prescribed medicines for her migraine as well by Dr. Shah. 

During the first follow-up for her Migraine, it was mentioned by the patient that she had experienced relief of about 50% in her overall condition. The frequency and intensity of her migraine had also reduced.

By the end of one year, on 7th December 2012, the patient had shown improvement of about 80% in her recovery from hair fall symptoms.

The patient had experienced an improvement of about 85% in her relief from migraine by March 2013.

And, the patient further went on showing signs of improvement in her relief in both hair fall as well as her migraine complaints and she was experiencing overall well-being.

Homeopathy, when administered in the cases of hair loss, aims at slowing down its progress and also facilitating the growth of Hair. Though the duration of the treatment may depend on the hair loss and other environmental factors, an initial improvement in relief may be seen in just 2-3 months of treatment. Homeopathic medicines for Migraine act on the body at the level of immunity and restore the deviated functions. They also help in controlling the symptoms of Migraine without any side effects.  

Written by Dr. Shraddha J, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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