Homeopathy Treated Chronic Corns Of An Aged Lady Incredibly At Life Force

Corns are a thick hard patch of skin or bump on the skin. They most often develop on the feet and toes of hands and fingers that are constantly subjected to pressure and friction. 

Causes of Corns:
The following are the causes of corns

  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes 
  • Wearing shoes and sandals without socks
  • Playing instruments or using hand tools. 
  • Abnormalities in the anatomy of the feet or toes
  • Abnormalities in gait
  • Bunions
  • Certain professions, such as gardening and farming

Symptoms of Corns

Here are some common symptoms of corns.

  • A thick, hard patch of the skin
  • Bump on the skin
  • Pain or tenderness of the affected area.

Precaution for Corns 

  • Wear proper-fitting shoes that give enough space for the toes 
  • Use protective coverings, such as pads or bandages, over areas that rub against footwear  
  • Wear padded gloves when using hand tools. 

Fortunately, you have homeopathy to treat corns effectively and safely. Let’s have a look at a case that was treated with homeopathy outstandingly. 

A 68-year-old lady (PIN: 44482) started treatment from Life Force Homeopathy on 2nd January 2021 for her complaint of corn that she was suffering for 3 years. She had one corn on the right foot, and it was almost 2 cm in size. The corn was painful on pressing the part and while walking. The pain was radiating to the whole right leg. She had already done Cryotherapy in 2018. Also, she had done scraping in 2019. The patient was diabetic and was on insulin for 5 years. She was also hypertensive and was on antihypertensive tablets.  Her current treatment and past treatment details were recorded. 

Also, her history of illness was asked in detail. Her family history was also taken into account. Her father and mother both had Diabetes Mellitus. Also, her uncle and cousin both were suffering from Cardiomyopathy and hypertension.

A detailed case history of the patient was taken.

Her both mental and physical generals were asked in detail.

Physical Generals:
She was a vegetarian and had an average appetite. Her thirst was average, and she drank 1.5 liters of water daily. She had average perspiration, and she couldn’t bear the extremes of climate. She had satisfactory motion and no urinary symptoms as such. She had disturbed sleep, and she preferred lying on her sides. 

Psychological Generals:
Her mental generals were also asked. She had a very happy childhood with a well-supportive family. She had two daughters and both were well-settled abroad. Her marital relationship was also satisfactory. She was a very mild, polite lady, who was quite expressive and confident in her talks. Her only concerns were her health and children. She always used to worry that her daughter was not getting married. She also used to often anticipate that something bad will happen to her family. Her intellectual sphere was also asked. Her memory, logic, analysis, perception, and intelligence all were good. 

Dr. Shah reviewed the entire case history and medicine was prescribed. Also, the patient was given a general diet chart and videos related to her condition and Life Force website links.

She had her first follow-up on 3rd March 2021. In her first follow-up, the patient was better by 50%. The patient was very happy and satisfied with the treatment at Life Force Homeopathy under the guidance of Dr. Shah. 

The corn that was very painful and troublesome for 3 years was treated effectively with homeopathy. The patient got immense relief in her pain and discomfort in 2 months of homeopathic treatment at Life Force. 

This case illustrates that homeopathy works brilliantly in treating skin conditions, such as corns, and ensures to give a speedy recovery safely with no side-effects. 

-Written by Dr. Poornima P., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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