Homeopathy Succeeded In Treating Chronic 15 Years Persistent Asthma Effectively

59-years-old Mr. S. P. M (PIN 15859) visited our Borivali center on 18th April 2011. He was suffering from Asthma for the last 15 years. He used to get the attacks twice or thrice in a month. It would start as a cough with thick, white expectoration. The duration of each episode would be prolonged unless it was treated conventionally. He would become breathless while coughing. He also complained of weakness and weight loss in the past few months. He was sensitive to smoke, dust, curd, cold things, lemon, and the smell of perfume and cow dung. His complaints would increase in the summer. He would get a relief by having an injection of deriphyllin during the attack of a cough and breathlessness.

He had an associated complaint of bitter eructations and headache for 25 years. It would get aggravated by eating spicy food, moong dal, or excessive intake of the tea. He would be relieved of it by vomiting.

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He had an average appetite with a craving for spicy and salty food. He had an extreme aversion to sweets. His thirst was less. He was intolerant to the cold. He was dark, lean, and thin with wrinkled skin.

Professionally, he was a graduate in sociology and was working in a school. He was now living a retired life. His wife was a homemaker. His son, who was 22 years old, was doing an animation course. His daughter, who was 25 years old, was an MBA.

He had no significant family history of any major illnesses.

He was mild, expressive by nature. He got separated mutually from the joint family 25 years ago due to some property dispute. He was a sensitive and emotional person. He was very much attached to his family. He was a perfectionist and dutiful person. Injustice was unbearable to him. He was a man of principles. He would argue with his boss as well if anything would go against his principle.

After a detailed case analysis, he was prescribed Kali Carb 200C along with some research-based medicines by Dr. Shah.

In the first follow-up of the patient, there was a mild improvement in his cough and gastric complaints.

In the next follow-up of the patient, there was 50% improvement in asthma and gastric complaints. His sensitivity to the strong-smelling substances had reduced. He had gained 2 kilograms weight after the start of treatment.

In the next follow-up, there was further improvement in his condition. He did not have a single attack in the last 2 months. He had suffered from a few episodes of a mild cold. His sensitivity to strong-smelling substances was still persisting.

In the next follow-up, he felt better by 80% with no episode of cold or a cough in the past 1 month. His gastric complaints were better by 80%.

In six months of the treatment, Asthmatic bronchitis had shown a tremendous improvement. There was a weight gain, which symbolized a good health. His sleep was fine, and digestion had improved. He felt more energetic.

He has been advised to continue the treatment for another couple of months by Dr. Shah.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating chronic Asthmatic bronchitis successfully by bringing about a tremendous improvement in the patient. 

- Written by Dr. Megha, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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