Homeopathy relieved house wife from Urticaria due to anxiety

Mrs. M T 52.2 year's old female resident of USA was suffering from Urticaria from 3 years. She started our online treatment for Urticaria in October 2009. Her patient identification number was 12792.

The Urticaria started on the left side of the body, from hands, then legs and then on shoulders, it first appeared with a coin shaped rash with redness, heat, burning and itching .On scratching, it increased in size. It would start from the evening and remain till midnight and it would cause major distress and disturbed sleep. She had continuous itching. The itching would partially reduce by morning. Itching was temporarily better after application of coconut oil. It was aggravated by stress.

She was a housewife, staying with her husband and three children. She would get stressed very easily and she would keep on thinking about every trifle. She was fearful by nature. She was worried and stressed for her daughter as her daughter had married with a person from a different caste and whenever she got anxious about this, she experienced rashes.

She had craving for sweets and meat. She was more sensitive to the summer and heat. She likes the winters.

Dr Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed Kali Iodicum 30c along with other research based medicines.

She reported over the phone after 2 months. The frequency and intensity of urticaria had reduced by 20%. Her anxiety and stress had also reduced which in turn resulted in less frequent episodes of Urticaria.

She called on 3 January 2008; the intensity and duration of Urticaria was now 50% better and she could now sleep well as there was no much itching in the night.

She called on 5 March 2008; the frequency, intensity and duration of Urticaria had reduced to 500%. Itching had also reduced to 50%. However she reported that the progress was not as pronounced as the previous follow-ups. Dr Shah enhanced the dose to Kali Iodicum 200c.

She reported personally on 7 May 2008. She was sounding elated as she had not experienced any itching or hives in the past two months. Dr Shah continued the same dose for her. She reported again on 9 September 2008. She was symptom free from the last five months. Since there were no recurrences, she was asked to stop the treatment and report as and when required.

She visited the center on 1 February 2012. She had never got a recurrence in the Urticaria. She had come to the center to get her daughter treated under Dr. Shah.

Uploaded on 25th Feb by Dr P.D.

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