Homeopathy Relieved An Anxiety Neurosis Patient Of Anxiety Attacks & Discomfort

A 25-years-old patient, Mr. H. B. (PIN 9678) reported to us for his complaints of anxiety neurosis which he was suffering since the last 6 months. He said that the frequency of his complaints had increased since the last 3 weeks. He would experience uneasiness and occasionally breathlessness. He also complained of bloating of the abdomen, particularly early in the morning and after having certain meals. He mentioned that his anxiety attacks had been gradually increasing and, in the worst cases, he would experience severe nausea that would feel better after inducing vomiting.

He reported that his anxiety was occurring prominently due to some office work pressure. Some social situations would also trigger his nausea discomfort, at times. His complaints would get significantly reduced and he would feel better after being able to sleep well. He used to take some anti-flatulent medication to get relief from flatulence. Some social situations would frequently trigger his anxiety attacks, making him experience feelings of not being in control and a lot of discomfort. Playing a sport was another thing that triggered his anxiety and sometimes his nausea discomfort too; so he avoided playing sports.

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His appetite was normal. He had an aversion to spicy food. He was more tolerant to the cold and would not be able to tolerate much heat. His sleep was sound, and he had no complaints pertaining to the same.

He stayed with his parents and sister. He described his mood as being happy most of the time. He denied having any major stress of any kind and was keeping well otherwise.

Based on the above case history, he was prescribed Lycopodium 200 for his complaints of anxiety and flatulence. 

In about 12 weeks after starting the medication, he reported to us that he had experienced a tremendous improvement in his relief from the complaints with the medicines. He mentioned that he had experienced a mild anxiety occasionally only in these last 12 weeks, and the episodes of nausea accompanying the same had reduced significantly.

His problem of flatulence was better than before, though it would still occur after consuming certain foods. Overall his improvement was significant, and he was keen on continuing the treatment further till he completely got rid of his complaints. The treatment was continued later on the similar lines till he recovered completely.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in providing you a great relief from the discomfort resulting due to anxiety neurosis. Homeopathy promotes complete recovery from anxiety neurosis safely without any side-effects.

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