Homeopathy Re-Energized A Patient Of General Weakness In Merely 8 Months

A 31-year-old male patient, Mr. A.S. (PIN: 43741) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 18th September 2020 for treating her complaints of general weakness.


In July 2019, the patient had a fever. The next day, there was blood in the urine, and, he later experienced pus-like discharge for 4-5 days with great weakness. He was suffering from a urinary tract infection, for which he took antibiotics for 15-20 days. Then, he had no complaints about the urine. His tests were also normal, but he was not been well since then. Although weakness had reduced since then but was persistent. He was feeling lethargic and tired. There was muscle twitching bothering him anywhere on his body sometimes. He worked in the army but was unable to do his daily physical activities such as exercise or running. He was experiencing exhaustion even while not doing anything and desired to lie down. There was dryness in the mouth and lips.


Urine tests- normal.

CT scan and USG normal.

He had abdominal Tb in 2013.


Physical Generals:

The patient was a non-vegetarian and had a good appetite. He had craving for spicy food and an aversion to sweets.


Psychological Generals:

The patient was reserved and expressive. He did not get angry easily. He was very confident and expressive.


At Life Force:

After a detailed case analysis, Dr. Shah prescribed his research-based medicine to the patient for his post-illness weakness.



At the first follow-up on 8th December 2020, the patient said that his relief from all the symptoms was better by 20 %


On 16th February 2021, he said that his weakness had reduced, but dryness in the mouth and lips was as it is. 


On 3rd April 2021, the patient said that he was 70% better. He had no weakness now, only dryness in the mouth was present.


On 17th May 2021, the patient said that he was 80% to 85 % better.  He had no weakness and no other complaints. 


The patient is completely better now and has no major complaints. He is very happy with the treatment he received at Life Force Homeopathy.



This case highlights that homeopathy is very effective in treating post-illness weakness successfully and safely without any side effects.


Written by Dr. Shilpa Vanarase, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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