Homeopathy Provided A Great Relief From Asthma & Eliminated The Dependency On Inhalers

A 28-year-old young lady, Mrs. R.E.B. (PIN 22580) visited Life Force Homeopathy on 7th April 2014 for the treatment of asthma and hair fall.

She was suffering from asthma since childhood. Her disease was in remission for a period of six years till 2010. In 2010, she had suffered from pneumonia and her asthma complaints got aggravated. She was on a course of antibiotics for pneumonia and, after that, her asthma subsided within six months. But, in 2013, she got an attack of asthma again and since then her complaints increased.

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From the last one year, she was suffering from severe asthma complaints daily. She would suffer from breathlessness, chest pain on taking a deep breath, dryness of lips, and dry, barking continuous cough. The complaints would subside only after taking bronchodilators. Her complaints would aggravate on lying down, in the cold climate, with cold food, on climbing the stairs, laughing, and during the evening and night. She would feel better by sitting and by having the warm water or warmth in any form. In the past, she was on steroidal inhalers for a year that she had stopped from the last six months. She had also taken Ayurvedic treatment for two months and had stopped it from the last two weeks.

On examination, there was bilateral wheezing. Lung Capacity test performed in Feb 2013 reported 78% of oxygen consumption, while after taking the inhaler the percentage of lung capacity was raised 20% more.

Her brother also suffered from asthma, and her paternal grandmother had contracted pneumonia.

Along with asthma, she also had the complaints of hair fall from the last four years. She would have hair fall in bunches around 50-60 strands of her hair would shed per day. She had dry hair, and her hair would break very easily. Her hair fall used to get triggered by hair bath and combing the hair. She had not taken any treatment so far for hair fall. Her mother suffered from an underactive thyroid and depression. She was advised to undergo thyroid profile.

She would take a mixed diet comprising both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Her appetite was normal. She would like eating salty food. Her thirst, perspiration, bowels, urination, and menses were normal. She was more tolerant of the hot climate. Her sleep was disturbed due to asthma, and she would often wake up around 2-3 am.

She was a graphic designer by profession. Her husband was heading sales department of a private company. She had a weeping tendency, and she would weep even if someone would speak with her in a harsh tone. She was shy, had stage fright, was a bit short-tempered, and loved nature. She was ambitious and confident in her work. She would take time to open up.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah, and he prescribed her research-based medicine for asthma and hair fall. She was advised to report after six weeks and was advised to take inhalers if required.

In her first follow-up on 16th May 2014, she mentioned a lot of improvement in her complaints. She had used the inhaler only once during those six weeks. She could climb stairs without any difficulty. She reported about 70% improvement in her relief from the breathing complaints.

In her next feedback on 1st July 2014, she reported 85% improvement in her condition. She didn’t experience any attack after the second batch of medicines. She had almost stopped the taking the inhaler. She had only one puff due to a little heaviness in breathing once. Her hair fall had slowly started to come under control.

In her feedback dated 17th September 2014, she reported with 90% improvement in her condition. She did not get an asthma attack in the past two months. She had also stopped using the inhalers completely from the last two months. Later, she had an attack of asthma in October due to traveling outside India. This episode had come after a gap of three months and it subsided with homeopathic medicines.

She personally visited on 18th December 2014 and reported that she had not suffered from any asthma episode from the last three months. She had not used any inhalers. She had observed a considerable improvement in hair fall.

She was extremely happy, as homeopathy helped her from her struggle with asthma and from her inhaler dependency. She was feeling much better in general and could concentrate on her work. She is still continuing the medicines for hair fall from Life Force.


This case highlights that homeopathy provides you a great relief from asthma and eliminates your dependency on the inhalers safely without any side-effects.

- Written by Dr. K.M., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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