Homeopathy Proves Highly Effective Role In Trigeminal Neuralgia

A 41-years-old female patient, Mrs. P.B. (Patient Ref. No.-22658) reported at the clinic on 21st April 2014 with the complaint of trigeminal neuralgia (right-sided). The patient was suffering from this complaint since a few months. She was taking allopathic medicine and homeopathic medicine from another center since 2-3 months. She was experiencing right-sided facial pain. She suffered from electric current like pain felt on her right upper teeth. Duration of the pain used to be from a few minutes to a few hours. Initially, the pain was severe & continuous. As the patient was taking allopathic medicine continuously, so her pain was a bit less. Patient’s condition used to get aggravated during eating, talking, chewing, and brushing. Sometimes after a jerk and bending the head, her pain used to get aggravated. Apart from this, the patient was also suffering from a headache & IBS.

Her appetite was average. She did not have any specific liking, but she didn’t like spicy food. Her thirst & urine were normal. Her motion was not satisfactory. Her sweating was mostly on palm & sole & was offensive. She had loss of libido since the beginning. Her sleep was disturbed & interrupted.

She had no specific past history. In her family, her father was suffering from diabetes & IHD, and her mother was suffering from hypertension.

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She was very anxious and irritated by nature. Also, she was quite short-tempered. She had very low confidence. She used to feel alone. Hers was a Love marriage. She was not focused. She moved from one topic to another. At the time when she used to get angry, she used to shout. She had fixed ideas so did not want to change herself.  

After going through her detailed case history, she was prescribed medicine by Dr. Shah on the basis of the totality of symptoms. 

At her first follow-up on 20th May 2014, she reported a good improvement in her condition. Her condition had improved by 30% to 40%. She got good relief in the term of frequency, intensity, & duration of pain. 

On 22nd August 2014 follow-up, her condition was improved by 40%. Her improvement was fluctuating at times. So, according to the symptoms, Dr. Shah had done required changes in the medication.

On her next follow-up on 16th October 2014, she reported a drastic improvement in all her symptoms. She experienced more than 60% improvement. Her anxiety & stress were also reduced.

On her next follow-up on 8th May 2015, she reported aching pain since 10 days. Improvement in her condition had fluctuated due to some external causative factors. So, based on her symptoms, Dr. Shah again made a few changes in the medicines.

On 26th December 2015, she informed that her pain had reduced drastically and her condition had improved by more than 75%. Her allopathic doses were also reduced. She was very happy with her results.

On 13th October 2016 follow-up, her condition had improved by more than 90%. Her relief from a headache was also improved. Her allopathic medicine was totally stopped.

On 6th July 2017 follow-up, her condition was improved by 98 %. But, sometimes a few minor bouts of pain appeared which subsided within a few minutes. Overall the patient was very happy.

On 13th October 2017 follow-up, her condition was same. She had not faced any pain of trigeminal neuralgia. One more new complaint had started since a few months. But, overall, she got good results on mental as well as physical level. The patient was very happy with the treatment.

She is still continuing her treatment from Life Force for total recovery.


Homeopathy is quite effective in treating trigeminal neuralgia and alleviating the discomfort resulting due to it.

- Written by Dr. Priyanka A, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah.

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