Homeopathy Helped A Child Recover From Bronchial Asthma, Frequent Cold & Cough With An Increased Immunity

A Grade four student from Mumbai, India, Master M.S. (PIN 16214) was brought to Life Force clinic by his anxious parents on 10th June 2011. He was suffering from asthma for 6 years and, in the last 4 years, the intensity of his complaints had increased. After registration, the case was recorded in detail during the case interview.

Master. M.S. could not tolerate the changes of weather and started having asthmatic complaints when he and his family got shifted from Dubai to Mumbai. The frequency of asthma was 3-4 times in a month. Every episode would start with sneezing, nose block, and cold then it would proceed to cough with wheezing, difficulty in breathing (whistling sound during respiration).

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He was given many courses of nebulizers, antibiotics in the last 4 years. He also had an allergy to the dust, strong smell because of which antiallergic medicines were prescribed for him. He was not able to tolerate the change in weather, and his complaints used to be at peak in the winter season. Because of all these conventional medicines, his immunity was further compromised and he used to feel dull, drowsy, and sleepy. As a result, his grades in the school exams got affected.

His mother narrated further regarding his diet. He has an excessive appetite and was slightly overweight. He had craving for sweets, chicken, and salty food. There was a strong aversion for the green vegetables. His bladder, bowel motions, sweating, and sleep patterns were all normal. Summertime was difficult one for him to tolerate.

As a child, he was jovial, well-behaved, affectionate, and friendly. He was sensitive to someone shouting at him. It would make him cry aloud. He had a fear of being alone. His mother said that he is lazy and takes time to finish his daily routine as compared to his sister. He had a good interpersonal relationship with his family.

He never had any other major illnesses in his childhood. His maternal grandfather had diabetes, while maternal grandmother had hypertension.

After going through all his details, Dr. Shah prescribed him Calcarea Carb 200 as constitutional medicines. The first batch of medicine was given for 6 weeks on 10th June 2011.
There was no major difference in his health with the first set of medicine. But, when he had come for Homeopathic medicines for his cold coryza in July, he had got a relief with the acute Homeopathic medicines. He was given further doses of Homeopathic medicines based on his feedback details. The patient’s parents were concerned about the slow improvement but were pacified and advised to continue the medicines.

His mother reported during December 2011 for his further medicines. She gave feedback that he is able to tolerate the winter season this time. His intensity and frequency of asthmatic episodes had reduced, and there was less dependency on the conventional medicines. She added that the patient was experiencing more than 50 % relief from his asthma and frequent cold and cough. After making the necessary changes in medicines, medicine for the next two months was prescribed.

There was an increase in his complaints as he had to frequently visit Hyderabad and got exposed to the change in environment. His parents were too anxious while giving feedback in February about this. They were pacified saying that the exposure to triggering factors may increase the complaints even while being on medication as medicines address immunity. The next medicine was prescribed for him after this counseling session.


This case highlights that homeopathy helps a child with asthma obtain a great relief from its discomfort effectively.

- Written by Dr. P.D., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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