Homeopathy has very potent and deep acting remedies for Atopic Dermatitis.

A patient master K.S. aged 12 years, (patient identification number 8851) visited Life Force on 5 September 2006. He was suffering from Atopic dermatitis since the last five years. He had undergone treatment from several doctors in the past; however, he did not get a cure.

atopic dermatitis on full body

When he visited the center, he had lesions on the armpits (cuboital fossa) chest, back and groin. He would always get lesions. They would keep changing location. He said, “If one patch would get better, I would get fresh lesions some where else. He was never free from skin rash. He had severe itching; he would scratch till he bled.
The itching was more during the change of weather, from eating outside food, with artificial food.

He also suffered from frequent cold and cough and breathlessness. He would get 2-3 such episodes in two months. The phlegm was greenish yellow. The cough was more in the night and again triggered with any out side food and change in weather.

atopic dermatitis on body

He was underweight, he weighed just 20 kg.
He had a craving for salty and sweet food. He was sensitive to the cold weather. He had dreams of animals and quarrels.
He was sensitive to reprimand. He was anxious before exams. He was good in studies. He would get 75 % marks. He was fearsome by nature. It was observed that his father was dominating and his mother was also hyper.

He was a meek and week child. His parents would quarrel in front of him. He never had a secure environment at home. Even in the past, they had issues with joint family quarrels.

He liked to sleep on the abdomen.

Dr Rajesh Shah examined him and prescribed Psorinum 200 C on 5 September 2006.
He reported for follow up on Six October. He reported relief in the itching, all over.
This was the first sign of the correct selection of the remedy. He reported again on 16 November. He reported relief in the itching by 50 %. He followed up again on 18 December 2006. The lesions on the cuboital fossa were better by 50 %. The lesions on the back and chest were also better by 30 %.
The groin lesions were not improving at all. They were so raw and inflamed that, he could not even bear the touch of the under-garments; they had prompted them to visit the center. Dr. Shah reviewed the case and prescribed Croton Tig 30 C for a few weeks. This proved very effective; the groin lesions were better by 50 %. Now they were relieved. This was the first time, they smiled and relaxed. He was later on prescribed
Sulphur 200 C. His recurrent respiratory infections also gradually reduced.

atopic dermatitis on legs

He visited the center again on 2 February 2007. The skin lesions were better by 80 %.
In April-May that summer, he faced some re occurrences. These were addressed by proper potency up-gradation. On 7 June 2007, he reported 90 % relief in all his complaints. He had gained three kilograms of weight.

In next few months he was completely cured of the skin condition and the recurrent respiratory infections. He was further treated for six months.
Since there was no disease activity neither a relapse, Dr Shah asked him to stop the treatment on 20 August 2008.

He reported again on 6 December 2011. His skin was absolutely fine. Fresh photos were compared with the earlier skin conditions. He was fine. His weight was now 40 kilogram.

atopic dermatitis on legs

He had done extremely well with Homeopathy. In the past two years without medicines also, he had no recurrences. This is the strength of Homeopathy in Atopic dermatitis.

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