Homeopathy Eliminated The Dependency On Antihistamines And Healed A Chronic Urticaria Patient

Urticaria commonly known as hives or nettle rash is an autoimmune disease condition triggered by an allergic response leading to raised, red, itchy skin rash.


A 24-year-old Mr. M.M.P. (PIN: 39092) was under allopathic treatment for his complaints of Urticaria but started facing many side effects after taking allopathic medicines. So, he approached the Life Force Homeopathy clinic on 12th January 2019. The patient narrated his complaints of Urticaria that had started in 2015. He suffered from severe itching and skin dryness. His skin was so sensitive that on the lightest scratch, his skin would become raised & red lines would appear; this condition is medically known as dermatographism. These complaints would increase whenever the patient consumed chicken, meat, prawns, oats, & peanuts. The itching was so severe that it disturbed his sleep; so, for many years, he had complaints of sleeplessness and, due to sleeplessness, suffered from acidity.


The patient had taken steroids for these skin complaints, however, after that, he started experiencing complaints of fatigue, lethargy, and acne. After being on antihistamines for a substantial period, he even noticed that his memory was becoming weak. His IgE count that was checked on 27th August 2018 was 2852, which is quite high compared to the normal range. Also, the patients father suffered from allergic complaints making it evident that genetically the patient was disposed to allergic affections.


Physical Generals:

The patient liked non-vegetarian food & craved fish, chicken, & meat. Unfortunately, the consumption of these foods aggravated his complaints. So, his appetite had reduced.


Psychological and Family Make-Up:

Along with the details of his disease complaints, a complete inquiry was made regarding the patients psychological and family make-up, which revealed that he had completed his engineering in 2018 & was searching for jobs and further career options. And, suffering from Urticaria further burdened him with additional stress. He was an ambitious person who aims to run his own start-up company.


At Life Force:

After considering all the details, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed research-based homeopathic medicines to the patient. Follow-ups were taken regularly to keep track of his progress.



At his first follow-up on 27th February 2019, the patient mentioned that he was a lot better & could reduce the dose of antihistamines. The itching and rashes were still appearing but the intensity was less than before. He was advised to taper antihistamines gradually and not to stop them suddenly as that can increase the problem since he had a dependency on allopathic medicines. The patient was guided in detail for the same. He was prescribed further medicines as per his feedback


On 20th April 2019, the patient reported that he had not experienced even a single episode of urticaria & did not require allopathic medicine. Also, his relief from other complaints of disturbed sleep, acidity, and acne was 90% better. His performance at work improved as well so much so that he was seeking opportunities out of India.


On 23rd July 2019, the patient had an episode of urticaria after consuming oats & his complaints always increased in monsoons. By considering this, he was given medicines which then further relived him gradually.


The patient continued to take medicines even after shifting out of India as they helped him adjust better to the new environment. Even his IgE count on 6th June 2020 was 1710 which was reduced almost to half of his previous count of 2852.


By 22nd October 2020, the patient reported having no episodes of urticaria.


As his health was improving, the patient started introducing food products that caused his complaints like wheat & thus had complaints of itching by 4th March 2021. He went through a stressful period during the COVID pandemic as his family members were infected. Fortunately, Life Forces medicines helped him both to relieve his urticaria complaints as well as to deal with stress in life.


The following monsoon also he had no increase in complaints which earlier aggravated his discomfort. By 7th September 2021, the patient reported no episodes of urticaria.


He was completely free from the dependency on allopathic medicines & continued with the treatment of Life Force as they helped him settle with every ongoing stress.



This case illustrates that homeopathy can treat chronic urticaria successfully and safely without any side effects. Also, homeopathy helps you eliminate the dependency on antihistamines gently.




  • Written by Dr. Sonal Jagtap, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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