Homeopathy Cured Chronic Active Ulcerative Colitis To A Great Extent

A 46-years-old female, Mrs. A.M. (Patient PIN. No. 28922) approached our clinic on 9 Jun 2016 for a consultation about her abdominal cramps and mucus in stool complaints that she was suffering since 4 years. Colonoscopy done on 31 May 2013 diagnosed it as Collitis. Histopathology reports on 11 June 2013 also confirmed it as Chronic Active Ulcerative Collitis. 

She used to pass sticky, semi-solid stools with brown mucus 2-4 times throughout the day. Her stools were very offensive. She also complained burning in the peri-umbilical region and in left iliac fossa throughout the day. Sometimes she also suffered from generalized weakness. Her complaints used to get aggravated mainly after having oily and spicy food. She was on conventional treatment since more than 1-2 years, but there was no improvement in her condition.

She was having a good appetite. She was fond of sweet food and fish prominently, but she had stopped eating fish due to her complaints. She had an average thirst. She enjoyed sound sleep without any dreams or any disturbance. She was intolerant to hot weather and temperature, and she used to feel comfortable in the cold weather. She had a white-coated tongue with central fissures. Her skin was very dry.

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Patient was tall, lean with an average body built type personality. She was a homemaker, and her husband was running his own business. They had a daughter and a son, who were studying BBA and SSC respectively, with whom she had very good relations.

She was a sober, polite, and sensitive person. She mentioned that, at times, she used to be quite stressed that she could not share with anybody, instead she was hiding it. So, she turned reserved by nature and sometimes nervous too. She suffered from anticipatory anxiety and negative thinking since menopause, along with extreme fear of small things.

She had also suffered from piles 15 years ago, which was treated at that time, and no complaint regarding the same was experienced till date. She also had Urticaria once or twice in the last few years.

Her father had passed away due to Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) and mother had Uterine cancer, and, apart from this, there was no history of any major illness in the family.

In the general examination, her weight was 66.5 Kg and the blood pressure was 130/80 mm Hg as in the normal range.

Based on the above history, she was prescribed MERC SOL 30 along with research based molecules for 6 weeks. She was also asked to follow regular diet instructions.

After one and a half months, she reported that not only the frequency of stools had reduced but also the formation of stools was better than before. Brownish mucus with the stools had reduced and no bleeding was noted. Offensiveness also decreased drastically. Sticky stools had not improved so far. Grumbling in the left iliac fossa with burning in periumbilical region was also relieved. In general, she was feeling better by 30-35 %.

The treatment was continued on the similar lines. So, again the same research based molecules were continued along with an increase in the potency MERC SOL 200 was prescribed for 6 weeks.

Six weeks later on 20 Aug 2016, her complaints were almost better by 50%. Grumbling in the left iliac fossa had stopped completely, and the relief from burning pains was also better. Offensiveness had also decreased, and the frequency of stools had reduced too. No weakness complaint was reported by her. So, we observed that the improvement in her condition had increased drastically. So, she continued with same medicines.

In her next follow-up in the month of Oct 2016, the relief from grumbling was better, and no offensiveness was noted this time. Mucus had also reduced to a significant extent. Burning in the periumbilical region had equally decreased. Treatment was showing positive results. Since the improvement was more than 65-70%, again the same medicines were continued for the next 6 weeks.

On 4 Nov 2016, when she visited for her follow-up, she was very happy as her health continued to improve well. The grumbling and burning had almost disappeared. No mucus was found in the stool, and offensiveness was also better. The frequency of stools had also decreased. So, she was told to continue the medication on the same lines.

After 6 weeks of medicines, when the patient came for a follow-up on Dec 16, she was about 80% better than before. The frequency of stool had decreased. Neither the mucus was in the stools nor the stools were sticky. Offensiveness had also disappeared. Grumbling in the left iliac fossa had almost disappeared. Burning in the periumbilical region had decreased. No bleeding and no pain was reported by the patient. She felt as if she was completely cured. So, the same medicines from our clinic had been given to her for the next 2 months. She was also asked to follow regular diet instructions.


Within 6-7 months of treatment, the patient was recovered by almost more than 80% and she is still under the treatment for her complete recovery. It shows the scope of homeopathy and research based medicines in treating chronic diseases. The above case study shows that homeopathy is very effective in treating Ulcerative Colitis excellently.


  • Written by Dr. Pradeep, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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