Homeopathy acts holistically considering mind and body in treatment of Lichen Planus...

Ms. TML (Patient Identification Number: 17471) a 29 years old female patient, reported Life Force Center with complaints of Lichen Planus on 11 Nov 2011.

She was suffering with Lichen Planus for past 2 years, which has increased since last 3 months.

The Lichen Planus was extensive, all over hands and legs and some part of oral mucosa was also involved. There were hyperpigmented spots with severe itching leading to bleeding.

She was on conventional mode of treatment (corticosteroids) orally and in form of local applications for about 1 month, but have stopped since last 6 months.

She had lot of stress regarding her work and family. Her father expired 4 years back, she had an younger brother who was studying and her mother was housewife, so been the elder child she had to take up all the family responsibilities.

She was working in central government, there was lot of stress regarding her work.

She had problems with her love life also, she described that all the time she was tensed and her mind is full of thoughts, her sleep was also disturbed and at times she had sleepless nights also.

She would get nervous easily, had an habit of nail biting.

Her appetite was normal, she preferred non vegetarian diet more. Thermally she prefered cold weather.

Her father had expired of Myocardial Infraction and he also suffered with Juvenile Diabetes, her mother was on regular treatment for Diabetes Mellitus and hypertension.

Her case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and she was prescribed Staphysagria 30c along with Dr. Shah's Research based medicines for Lichen Planus.

On 14th Feb 2012, her Lichen Planus was about 40%, the old spots showed signs of improvement. Few new spots appeared on legs. But the intensity of itching was around 20% better, there was no bleeding. She was prescribed 1 month medicines.

On 9th March 2012, the Lichen Planus was 60% better, only hyperpigmented spots were visible, the itching had reduced to a larger extent. Also, with the homeopathic medicines her mind was getting calm, the overcrowding of thoughts had reduced, her sleep also showed improvement.

On 29th June, 2012, the Lichen Planus was further 80% reduced, there were no new spots, the itching also had significantly reduced. The hyperpigmented spots were visible but there was no active lesions. She was feeling ease not only at her skin complaints but also in her thoughts and sleep.

She was very happy with the significant improvement in her Lichen Planus and also in her general symptoms with sleep and managing the stress in her life with the homeopathic medicines at Life Force.

Even she was convinced that homeopathy acts holistically considering your mind and body...

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